Her Universe x Kohl’s Marvel Inspired Activewear – Review (Testing, Details, Sizing, and More

So incase you missed the big announcement from a few months back (may have been shorter, actually), Her Universe has teamed up with Marvel and Kohl’s to bring a unique, one-of-a-kind line of activewear to stores nationwide. (All of which you can pick up online as well!) Yeah, you heard that right. A Her Universe activewear line that’s Marvel inspired and available for purchase nearby. Totally amazing, right?! I jumped at this news the second I saw the sneak preview of one of the Black Widow pieces in an Entertainment Weekly post, so I’ve been slowly but surely keeping my eye out as to when it’d actually hit stores. Turns out it wouldn’t be too much of a wait and just last week I saw my friends posting pics from Kohl’s showing off the new line. So me being me, I sprinted down my nearest Kohl’s and checked out the line myself… and bought almost everything. (You guys know I have a Her Universe problem.)

I bought all the leggings, minus the Iron Man ones only because they’re not in stores quite yet, and tanktops, minus the racerback ones just cause that style isn’t quite my jam. So I have quite the assortment of HU activewear to wear running/walking now and I couldn’t be happier! I wanted to make this post for everyone whose interested in the new line and wondering exactly what it entails, how it fits, feels, looks, etc, So I put together my own review, if you will. I split this into sections which split into all of the following: pics of all the pieces with info and closeups, fabric/design details, sizing (extremely helpful if you’re looking into buying your own line), a test run, how they look on an IRL person (aka me), and different ways you can style them. I hope you all enjoy this! Let me know if you have any questions about the pieces below or on Twitter and I’ll try my best to answer it. Now let’s make like Cap’s shield and roll…


The pieces and their fabric closeups! 


So with any activewear, you have to test it out! I’ve had many different work out shirts, only to get uncomfortable in them, etc, so I wanted to give the Her Universe line a run through. I love walking/running and have been training for the Star Wars 5k in WDW next month, so I’ve been “training” here and there. So the other day I planned to go for a jog around the neighborhood but this weather is ridiculous and decided to be freezing. So I opted for an elliptical. Luckily we have one in our house, so I went for a walk that turned into a run for about 20+ minutes. (Got sidetracked by other things. Hence why I always opt for outdoors.) And my after workout thoughts; SUPER COMFORTABLE. I really, really enjoy the material used, specifically in the pants. They’re light weight, super soft, and hug on to your legs without being super tight. I also really enjoyed the tank tops, especially the Black Widow and Cap one where the symbols are clear. It helps you cool down way more and become less sweaty as you work out which is a plus. It’s really, really nice.

My rating: ✮ 5/5 ✮

How the clothes fit aka photos of me wearing them. Cause why not?!


If you’re planning on buying some Her Universe workout clothes, I thought letting you know prices would be a good thing, especially for those of us who need to budget. Below I’ve listed the original price and sale prices for all the pieces.

  • Activewear pants: $36 but are typically always on sale for $24. 
  • Activewear tank tops: $24 but are typically always on sale for $15.99.
  • Activewear sports bras: $30 but are typically always on sale for $20.99.
  • Activewear shorts: $24 but are typically always on sale for $15.99.

Please note: the plus sizes are a $4 difference.

Sizing for Men and Women!

All the sizing is listed in junior’s so I would highly recommend checking them out in person to see what fits you best. I usually wear a large shirt in men’s and found the XL/XXL tank tops fit perfectly. As far as pants, I’m usually a large as well and found the XL fit perfectly, with a little bit of room so they aren’t skin tight. As far as women’s sizing goes, it’s definitely true to size, so I would definitely order what you would normally wear in junior’s sizes.

Now here’s the tricky part. For some reason, Kohl’s doesn’t believe in stocking plus sizes in store. So if you go in store hoping to see which size is right for you and see nothing, that is why. BUT Her Universe did make plus sizes. Her Universe is really good at offering all sizes for all types of bodies. Since Kohl’s doesn’t carry them in store, you will have to order online. I know this can be frustrating, but I would suggest finding the pieces you’d like, ordering 2-3 sizes in each, trying them on, and returning the others. I know, frustrating, but this will definitely be better than simply guessing and hoping for the right size. If I come across any friends who’ve bought the plus sizes and have a better understanding of how they fit, I’ll make sure to let you know!

Final thoughts!

I love this line. I love it so damn much. From the simple designs to the brighter ones, I can’t get enough. There’s literally something for everyone, men or women. The leggings fit like any other leggings would except they’re amazingly comfortable and feature our favorite Marvel characters. The tank tops fit like any other tank top except that they’re soft, cool you down fast, and feature some amazing designs. I can’t wait to grab the few remaining pieces I need from the collection aka the Iron Man designs. Her Universe knocked it out of the park with this collection and I can’t wait to see more! Hopefully this unlocks the door for Star Wars workout gear? One can dream!

Let me know your thoughts on the collection below!

Star Wars x Her Universe: A Breakdown – #30DaystoTFA

For today’s #30DaystoTFA post, I thought I would share a few of my favorite Her Universe items at the moment. I’ve been shopping a lot thanks to Star Wars and Her Universe has been releasing new items so fast, I can hardly keep up with them all. But I have bought quite a few in the past few weeks, so I figured you’d maybe want the breakdown one or two certain pieces, especially if you’re shopping for the holidays and not sure if an item is right for you. Let’s get started and breakdown the Darth Vader pleather jacket first.

Darth Vader Pleather Jacket



You will look like a darkside diva when you don this stylish Darth Vader-inspired jacket! Just enough subtle highlights that fellow Star Wars fans will recognize – Imperial symbol on the back, Vader armor stripes on front and, inside, a stunning red lining with the words “You Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side.”  This jacket is true to size but fitted. If you want it loose we recommend going up one size. For reference, Ashley Eckstein is wearing a size small in this photo. Our plus size model is wearing a size 2X in this photo.

I ordered this jacket online without really knowing what size to get. I typically do an XL on the bomber jackets, but this cut was unfamiliar to me and since I know its more of a snug fit, I went with a size bigger. And it fit! I was so worried it wouldn’t and I would have to return it, thus delaying when I could wear this awesome jacket, but it fit perfectly and has a little looseness to it as well. The material is nice and definitely warm, so this would be a great jacket to pick up for the winter. The inside even says “You Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side” which adds a little touch that makes this jacket really special. It also matches the Darth Vader Uggs!wefwef

BB-8 Bomber Jacketbb8jacket_front_01


Unquestionably, the adorable little droid, BB-8, has become one of the most beloved characters from The Force Awakens. We’ve taken his familiar markings and added it to this stylish bomber jacket to create a new BB-8 fashion piece! This high quality jacket is sure to be the hit of the holiday season with Star Wars fans! This jacket is true to size. For reference Ashley Eckstein is wearing a size small. Our plus size model is wearing a size 3X.

This bomber jacket was definitely the #1 thing I had to pick up from the new Star Wars collection. I love my Tony Stark bomber jacket, so I was happy to see that Her Universe would be doing more. Just like the Tony Stark bomber, the BB-8 fits the exact same way. For reference, I usually wear a large in men’s jackets and wore an XL in this one. It fits great and is still a little loose, which I prefer. It’s lightweight and perfect for a cold night or even a semi-warm day. It’s versatile and features a very beautiful and minimalistic BB-8 design, perfect for The Force Awakens premiere! wfrwf

Look at the entire Star Wars x Her Universe line for Hot Topic here!

Dragon Con 2015 Wrap Up

Dragon-Con-logoAh, Dragon Con. You are now behind us which makes me very sad. This past Dragon Con was definitely hands down the best one I’ve attended in years. It seems to get better and better each year and along with that brings growth. This year was PACKED. Loads of people, with a number ranging 70,000+ individuals. And yes, you could tell. I wasn’t so overwhelmed with the crowd as much, but those skybridge’s/Atrium were such a pain in the ass, I’ve now deemed them my own personal hell. But let’s move on…

This year was the year of STAR WARS. I’ve only attended the Star Wars track room a view times in the past, so this year I went head first into it and actually managed to attend almost all Star Wars panels, given Monday because I’d already left. But not only did I attend some panels, I was on them! I was on two panels: ForceFriday Finds and the Strong Women of Star Wars. Both amazing panels with some amazing people and a ton of fun! I can’t wait to see what next brings – panel wise and friend wise. I also made some new friends, which is always a good thing. Star Wars does that to people. But other than that, the weekend was spent attending Star Wars panels, eating food from that little market besides Starbucks in the Marriott lobby, and TRYING to finish Aftermath. Personally, I was wore out during Dragon Con simply because Force Friday (post coming soon!). Not sleeping for a full day before attending a con is not a good idea at all. So I took my chances and read near the bar because Aftermath. (I did finish it though and a review is coming soon!)

I did venture out to the vendor markets and WOW. They changed the location this year, so it’s no longer in building one, but building two and it was so crowded that I literally just walked in and walked right out. Of course I went on Saturday, so the crowds had been worse. The whole market is huge, but they crowded so many vendors inside each place that it was such a tight fit between vendors. Mix that with the crowds and you have an unpleasant shopping experience. Luckily, I DIDN’T buy anything! Whaaaaa? Mainly because Force Friday, but also because I didn’t see much I wanted. I wanted to stop by WeLoveFine, but I couldn’t navigate around those crowds, so I ended up leaving and heading back to the con. But from what I could tell, the vendors were pretty awesome. Except for that guy who had TFA toys marked twice the price. You sir, were not cool.

But to top off the con, I did meet Peter Mayhew, Vanessa Marshall, AND Stephen Amell! (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT FINALLY HAPPENED?!?!?!!) All in all, another successful con! I love Dragon Con so much and the Star Wars track team do so much to make sure we have a really fun con, so I’d like to thank them all. You all RULE. Until next year, I suppose… Oh, here’s some photos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her Universe Fashion Show 2015

The Her Universe Fashion Show happened during San Diego Comic Con 2015 just last week and I have one word: WOW! I always love attending the Her Universe Fashion Show. It’s always such a fun event, empowering geek girls (and guys) everywhere. Between the music, the fashion, the judges, the audience, and Ashley herself, there’s so much energy that I felt I could start my own clothing line. (Kidding! That’s why I buy HU.)

Lots of news was announced during the show. Her Universe announced it was start carrying Spirited Away merch exclusively at Hot Topic. They also announced… A TV SHOW! Yep, Her Universe will have its own series available online via Lionsgate exclusively through the SDCC SVOD service starting next year. The show will cover this years fashion show and all the hard work that went into it! I’m VERY excited about this news and I can tell everyone behind HU is beyond ecstatic! So expect me to review every episode as it airs next year because it will be the best show ever, I can guarantee it!

Anyways, I got to watch the fashion show with the SDCC crew! It was awesome hearing everyone’s thoughts on each outfit. We also were freaking out over the gift bags which included a Darth Vader Itty Bitty and Her Universe cookies! And while waiting for it to start, Nina and Gwen spotted Alex Hirsch aka the creator of Gravity Falls. He was so nice! He also takes some great selfies!




Check out all of the photos I took during the fashion show below! I took so many, so sorry if they’re out of order or if an outfit or two is missing!


Did you attend the Her Universe Fashion Show? What did you think?!

SDCC 2015: Day 1 Wrap Up

San Diego Comic Con already had me tired by Wednesday night! So when Thursday rolled around, I was pooped. I started off the day with orange juice, Red Bull, and Aleve. Based on the bar photos from the night before, you’d think it was a hangover, but no, it was just Comic-Con.

IMG_6317Thursday started off great! PeggysPeeps all took a group trip to Barnes and Noble which proved to help us all on our SDCC-exclusives hunt. We found some Funkos, then made our way to the convention center. The first panel I hit up was the Wrath of Con Bloggers panel which was FANTASTIC! I saw it with my friend Joie and we wanted to clap at every word of wisdom spoke! It was also so surreal to see all of my friends on an SDCC panel. Can’t wait for next years! (You can read more about the panel from the panelists perspective over at The Nerdy Girlie here!)

IMG_6324I honestly have no clue what else happened that day. It was a lot of running around with friends, eating expensive food, but we did make it down to the Nerdist Conival and NERD HQ! Both places were fun and exciting, but the panels that ran constantly at Nerdist was so amazing! (We saw Elijah Wood and Chris Hardwick himself.) And let’s not forget those Velociraptors! They were my favorite part. 😀

IMG_6346 IMG_6337After running around all day, we all soon made our way to the Her Universe Fashion Show! I got go in a bit early for press reasons, but I ended up sitting in the back with all my friends. It was so excited to watch the Fashion Show with everybody! Lots of exciting stuff happened, but I have a FULL post about it coming soon, so keep an eye out! (Side note: WE MET ALEX HIRSCH AAHHHH!)



IMG_6357After the Her Universe Fashion Show, we took a pedicab to the library for Geeks Go Glam and that story will stay locked up forever. BUT we did make it to the party and had such a fun time! We danced, ate food, and took way too many photo-booth pictures, all of which are on my Instagram!


It was such a perfect first day! I had so much fun meeting up with everybody and just being general goofballs. Till tomorrow…


SDCC 2015: Preview Night Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 1 Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 2 Wrap Up

SDCC: 2015: Day 3 Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 4 Wrap Up



SDCC 2015: Preview Night Wrap Up

I am finally back from San Diego Comic Con 2015! I am tired, but I am back. First off, it definitely was the best SDCC I’ve attended, topping 2013, which seemed like an impossible task. I spent it with friends, hanging out, and doing press stuff, which is why all of these posts are a bit late. As in a week late. Starting today, I’ll be covering everyday I attended SDCC, all the way up to Sunday. For example, this time last week was preview night, so I’ll be writing about preview night today, then tomorrow I’ll share my Thursday, then Friday etc, I have lots to write about and to cover and way more posts planned than I’d like too, but SDCC is my home away from home. I love documenting every single bit of it and I can already tell that 2016’s con is going to blow 2015 out of the water.


Preview night is always a blast at SDCC. You get to roam the exhibitor’s floor, buy all the exclusives you want, and just get a feel for how the floor works that year. But with that being said, it is always super packed. And exclusives are just as hard to get as any other day. I first stopped by the Star Wars pavilion so I could go look at all the Her Universe/WeLoveFine item! First stop at WeLoveFine and I found the perfect Stormtrooper sweater which I purchased immediately. Me and my friends looked around the whole floor and went shopping at a few places here and there. I did grab a few things which will be in my upcoming SDCC haul video! (I’ll post the link here once live!)

We did try for a few of the main booths like Hasbro, Mattel, and Funko, but of course, nothing came of that. It was super packed and disorganized as usual. I AM NOT BITTER AT ALL! But to make up for it, I went and hacked somebody up, Scream style! Fun fact: the whole night Gwen and I were complaining about not wanting to get blood on our clothes at the Wrath of Con Bloggers party later that night, but the second I saw the scream booth, I jumped in line and this happened…

Doing what I do best at the MTV Booth. #SDCC

A video posted by Travis (Jake) (@travisthegrimm) on Jul 8, 2015 at 6:30pm PDT

YEAH! I’m crazy, I know. It was actually chocolate and really good. It stuck to my shirt all night and hardened which didn’t make it THAT comfortable, but it was worth it. I mean, look at that video!


After walking around for a little, we finally headed over to the Dragons Den for the Wrath of Con Bloggers party! It was such a fun time! I got to meet some new blogger friends, chat with all my old ones, and just “mingle” and “socialize” if you will. It was such a perfect way to end the night and really wore me down. But I did take a bathroom selfie to prove how awesome the chocolate made my shirt look.




SDCC 2015: Preview Night Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 1 Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 2 Wrap Up

SDCC: 2015: Day 3 Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 4 Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Where You Can Find Me

San Diego Comic Con is tomorrow. TOMORROW. When did this happen?! I’ve been super busy, so sorry for the lack of SDCC posts, but I would never forget to share my schedule with everyone. I’ll be attending Wed-Sun, running around everywhere, trying to cram everything in, so if you want to say hey, below is where you can find me. (You can also hit me up on the Twitter if you like!)


Preview night aka BUY ALL OF THE EXCLUSIVES!*

Game of Bloggers Party @ the Dragons Den!*


10:00am – 11:00am – Wrath of Con Bloggers (Room 14A)*

11:00am – 1:00pm – Workshop with Kelly Sue (Room 2)*

12:00pm – 2:00pm – iJustine and Jenna signing (So So Happy Booth #5037)

1:00pm – 2:00pm – Milkfed (Room 2)*8

5:00pm – 6:00pm – Teen Wolf (Ballroom 20)

Her Universe Fashion Show (4:30pm @ Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel)*


Geeks Go Glam (8pm @ San Diego Public Library)*


Cartoon Network press room*

10:00am – 11:00am – Geek Wars: The Nerds Awaken (Room 14A)*

1:00pm – Bryan Fuller signing!  (Funko booth)*

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Ash vs. Evil Dead (Room 6A)

Colony press room*

Hannibal Flower Crown meetup (7pm @ Cortez Hill room at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. 3rd floor.)*

SherlockeDCC – (7pm @ San Diego Library)*


Ash vs. Evil Dead press room*

12:00pm – 2:00pm – Strawburry17 signing (So So Happy Booth #5037)

1:00pm – Seth MacFarlane Animation Block (Ballroom 20)

Supergirl press room *

5:30pm-6:30pm – Outlander signing (Random House Booth #1515)*

7:00pm – The Maze Runner (NERD HQ)*

NERD HQ Party??!


Supernatural press room*

10:15 – 11:15 – Fantastic Fans and Where To Find Them – (Room 6A)

2:00pm – Ransom Riggs signing (Quirk Books Booth #1636)

3:00pm – Chip Zdarsky: A Life (Room 7AB)

3:45pm – Young Adult Fiction (Room 5AB)

Now, I know I won’t be able to do everything, but the events with “*” are guaranteed events! I’ll be doing more parties this year because fun and also who needs sleep when you can hangout with your friends all night?! I’ll also be doing write-ups for this here site and also quite a few posts for Agents of Geek. I’ll post all of the links in a master post once I get the energy to write them all.

I seriously cannot wait to meet so many of you! Every year SDCC gets busier and busier. Hell, not everything I’m doing is on that list. But it’s always a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait!! Make sure to say hey if you see me, even if I am stuffing my face with In N’ Out!

I’ll see you all tomorrow!!