I’ve been wanting to participate in Funko Fridays, a blog link up of sorts that involves our loves of Funko, ever since my friend Barb started doing them on her blog! Funkos + blogging = my main two hobbies in life, so match made in heaven! I love Funko. I love everything they make, especially their Funko Pops! I have so many that I lost count. Seriously. I quite counting after 59 I think and have added so many more since then. I mean last week within the span of two days, I somehow managed to grab 9 Funko Pops. 9. I can’t even fathom that. So here we are. I’m gonna start sharing Funko posts every Friday! Well, try to. This week’s theme is all about how we display our Pops! (If you want to see the themes, click here!)

Now I don’t take my Pops out of their box. I love the boxes and keep each one! I only have 3 Pops without boxes cause they were given to me like that. Which is totally okay cause I actually do like have some Funkos out and about just cause they’re that cool. So my display system is a bit weird and messy. I keep my Funko’s on top, besides, and in my bookshelf. It’s not organized by any means but when you’ve bought as many Funkos as I have and only have so much space, you do what you gotta do. Take a look below!





How do you display your Funko Pops?


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