It’s been a little bit since I’ve last checked in, hasn’t it? I’ve been making content and stuff still, just not necessarily on here. And by content, I do mean content…and also playing video games and watching too much anime. But back to video games. I started a new series on my YouTube channel that is all about gaming news and I’ve even been posting a few LP’s. So exciting!! I’ve been wanting to do this kind of content for quite sometime, I’ve just been too lazy and my resources (software wise) has been limited. But I’ve finally figured out this whole thing and I’m jumping in headfirst. Anyways, from now on, I’ll be dedicating one post to each video, but until my next video is live, I figured I’d do a round up for you guys. Check out all my gaming content below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Tea + Gaming #1 and #2:

OXENFREE review:

Heroes of the Storm #1

Heroes of the Storm #2

Neopets #1 (I KNOW, I KNOW.)

Let’s talk video games in the comments or on Twitter!


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