I promise to do more than just share photos in some of these countdown to TFA posts, but I just had to share this pic because it holds such a great memory for me. And that is this pic of Ahsoka Lives Day at Star Wars Celebration back in April… but on the Star Wars Rebels Blu-ray. Whaaaa?! Ahsoka Lives Day was thrown by my friends Amy and Johna and was such a huge success! A few familiar names popped up and LucasFilm even filmed a little bit which made it onto the Blu-ray. I loved that meet up/group photo sooooo much. It was a blast and look, I’m officially on a Star Wars DVD (which was a weird thing on my bucket list.)

*Also sorry I missed yesterdays post! It slipped my mind and I also saw Mockingjay again, so my emotions were all over the place.


Were you at Star Wars Celebration?


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