It’s exactly a month till The Force Awakens. A MONTH. What even? It seems like it was just yesterday when they actually announced this film was actually happening and now we’re here, tickets in hand, ready to witness the film of the year. I’m so excited, just like everyone else, so why not celebrate as we countdown to the films release?? Amy from Geek with Curves started the #30DaystoTFA project, where she’s encouraging everyone to share their favorite gifs, videos, pics, and more from Star Wars! (Read the post here!) I’ll be doing my own countdown on this here blog as well as sharing some exciting posts over at Full on Force! So over the next 30 days, I’ll be sharing a few of my Star Wars favorites, leading up until The Force Awakens. Ahhhhh!


So to kick it off on this here blog, I’ll start by sharing my favorite Star Wars related thing at the moment and that is Battlefront! It’s the brand new video game and it’s so amazing and all the fun. I’ve played about 10-14 hours so far and have enjoyed every second! There’s so many ways you can play that it’s basically a non-stop Star Wars party. (I stream it over on Twitch and you can watch them on my YouTube channel.) I grabbed the Darth Vader PS4 as well, so you can expect some closeup photos over on Full on Force very soon!


Did any of you pick up Battlefront?!


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