It’s time for even more Halloween goodies! I shared this amazing visualization the other week showing how many pieces of candy would fit in all kinds of stuff like a mini cooper. It looks so amazing and is so colorful, but most importantly, screams Halloween. Today I have a brand new one showing us how exactly Americans celebrate Halloween, like how much candy we give out, how much money we spend, etc, Again, big thanks to for supplying these. I love having these beautiful additions to the site.

Most folks seem to look forward to and embrace Halloween every year that it comes around. However, do you really know what that means or how Americans really celebrate? Personal Creations was curious about this and investigated by running a survey as well as collecting stats about this beloved holiday. Did you know 83% of Americans stop trick-or-treating by the time they turn 14? Or that almost half of the population will carve a pumpkin?–thats a lot of jack-o-lanterns! Check out the original Halloween infographic on their blog.

halloween-spiritHow do you celebrate Halloween?

[Source: Personal Creations]


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