Dragon-Con-logoAh, Dragon Con. You are now behind us which makes me very sad. This past Dragon Con was definitely hands down the best one I’ve attended in years. It seems to get better and better each year and along with that brings growth. This year was PACKED. Loads of people, with a number ranging 70,000+ individuals. And yes, you could tell. I wasn’t so overwhelmed with the crowd as much, but those skybridge’s/Atrium were such a pain in the ass, I’ve now deemed them my own personal hell. But let’s move on…

This year was the year of STAR WARS. I’ve only attended the Star Wars track room a view times in the past, so this year I went head first into it and actually managed to attend almost all Star Wars panels, given Monday because I’d already left. But not only did I attend some panels, I was on them! I was on two panels: ForceFriday Finds and the Strong Women of Star Wars. Both amazing panels with some amazing people and a ton of fun! I can’t wait to see what next brings – panel wise and friend wise. I also made some new friends, which is always a good thing. Star Wars does that to people. But other than that, the weekend was spent attending Star Wars panels, eating food from that little market besides Starbucks in the Marriott lobby, and TRYING to finish Aftermath. Personally, I was wore out during Dragon Con simply because Force Friday (post coming soon!). Not sleeping for a full day before attending a con is not a good idea at all. So I took my chances and read near the bar because Aftermath. (I did finish it though and a review is coming soon!)

I did venture out to the vendor markets and WOW. They changed the location this year, so it’s no longer in building one, but building two and it was so crowded that I literally just walked in and walked right out. Of course I went on Saturday, so the crowds had been worse. The whole market is huge, but they crowded so many vendors inside each place that it was such a tight fit between vendors. Mix that with the crowds and you have an unpleasant shopping experience. Luckily, I DIDN’T buy anything! Whaaaaa? Mainly because Force Friday, but also because I didn’t see much I wanted. I wanted to stop by WeLoveFine, but I couldn’t navigate around those crowds, so I ended up leaving and heading back to the con. But from what I could tell, the vendors were pretty awesome. Except for that guy who had TFA toys marked twice the price. You sir, were not cool.

But to top off the con, I did meet Peter Mayhew, Vanessa Marshall, AND Stephen Amell! (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT FINALLY HAPPENED?!?!?!!) All in all, another successful con! I love Dragon Con so much and the Star Wars track team do so much to make sure we have a really fun con, so I’d like to thank them all. You all RULE. Until next year, I suppose… Oh, here’s some photos!

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Con 2015 Wrap Up

  1. Congrats on being on a panel! I have Aftermath in my TBR pile but I can’t decide if I want to tackle that next or Felicia Day’s book. Decisions, decisions!

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