Hermione-Potterweek-Badge-Common-Room-7-days-of-potter-600x222Only one day left of Potterweek (Join while you can!), so instead of letting the HP blues hit my feels, I thought I’d do a funny type of post for todays prompt: PotterPowers! I have a favorite spell and that is Wingardium Leviosa. I think it’s because as a kid, I LOVED the Harry Potter levitation game, the one with the plastic ball and obstacle course. It’d probably be the number one spell I used if my wand started to work again. It also has been made a favorite of mine due to a little video on the internet…

Are you crying?! I’m crying! This little video was introduced to me by my best friend, Toni, and has changed the way I perceive that spell so much that I laugh hysterically during Harry Potter rewatches. Look at the following photos for good measure!




How do you pronounce Leviosa??










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