DLAThe always awesome Deidre aka the Dick Whisperer and Gladys from Usagi in Wonderland tagged me for the Dragon’ Loyalty Award over their blogs!! She tagged me in June, but I made a note and now I’m doing it. FINALLY! Here’s the rules:

The rules:

Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. 
Acknowledge that blogger on your blog with a link. 
Share 7 things about yourself that other bloggers might not know.                                                 Nominate up to 15 other bloggers for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award, linking to their blogs and notifying them. 
Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog. 

(Not so) Fun facts about me:

I buy loads of art for my future apartment! Mainly Mondo, but I buy all kinds of stuff at different cons.

I suffer from anxiety. It hits at the most random times, but I get through it. *kick flips in midair*

I really like skateboarding! I haven’t rode in years, but I still have the urge to get back out and continue!

I used to watch Gossip Girl and it was my jam.

I can watch seasons of The Simpsons in record time. I even almost went out to LA to try and beat the Guinness World Record for most hours of The Simpsons watched straight, but couldn’t make it.

I read mostly YA. Adult fiction doesn’t interest me too much, unless its Jurassic Park or The Ruins.

I grew up watching Tales from the Crypt, so that’s probably why I love the horror genre most!

Now I’m supposed to tag a few bloggers, so I tag Gwen from Like Gwen Stacy, Gladys from Usagi in Wonderland, and Joie from Confessions of a Book Pimp! PEGGYS PEEPS REPRESENT!



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