If you didn’t know, Potterweek is happening RIGHT NOW! Don’t know what Potterweek is? It’s like 5 Fandom Friday, but for one week only. The lovely people over at Common Room started it and it’s quite possibly the best thing ever. Check out more info here!

Today prompt is all about characters! I love all the Harry Potter characters! Seriously, ALL OF THEM. Even movie Ginny. But a few characters do rain higher than others, so lets discuss those. I even made a pretty graphic to accompany them.



My favorite character is Harry! I know, cliché, but he’s been my favorite ever since I was a kid. I love his origin story and all the trouble he gets himself into. Harry was who I aspired to be as a kid and for that, I’m probably a much better person. He’s probably everyone’s favorite too, but thats okay. We all have our reasoning for loving Harry.

Hermione. Oh how I could write a whole speech on why Hermione is the best. She’s smart, talented, amazing, smart, awesome, amazing, and all the kind words! She’s also someone to look up to while in college. If only we all had a time turner.

Luna!!!!!!!!!!! Luna Lovegood is so magical. She’s probably the coolest Harry Potter character. Her voice, mannerisms, and magic make for an amazing person. Also, fashion sense!

And to top off my little list of favorite characters, I put Crookshanks! Because Crookshanks.

Let me know YOUR favorite Harry Potter characters in the comments below!












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