This weeks 5 Fandom Friday topic is all about our favorite fictional vehicles we’d love to ride in. (Also own, because who wouldn’t want to own the following vehicles?!) Let’s get started!

tumblr_ms3xpxiDhR1sdifoio4_500Stiles Jeep is high on my list because it’s so ICONIC! At least to me, anyways. Everyone has rode in this car and its been one of Teen Wolf’s most memorable characters. It sadly has been dying this last season, but hopefully she’ll survive. *throws fist into the air*

Baymax-flying-big-hero-6-37330315-500-207Baymax seems like the most appropriate of vehicles. Who wouldn’t love to fly with Baymax over SanFransokyo?! I’d be satisfied with care.

3709903-jhkbnI don’t care which one, but I’d love to ride on one of Daenery’s dragons. We found out this last season that they can be ridden, so why not? Although they seem really dangerous because of all those spikes.

tumblr_nqiunogR8z1u1vo97o1_500Hogwarts express. Need I say more? (Specifically when the Dementors are aboard because SPOOPY!)

TFA-2-Poe-in-XwingPOE’S X-WING! I think it’d be a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure that me and Poe would be friends, so why not go ahead and start practicing?

What’s your top fictional vehicles?! Leave me your 5 Fandom Friday links below!

Incase you missed my last 5 Fandom Friday post, you can read it here! I shared some of my recent convention purchases. 🙂


6 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Fictional Vehicles I’d Love To Ride In

  1. I was going to be so MAD if the X-Wing wasn’t on your list!
    Gladly, it is. All is forgiven! 😉 haha!
    And holy crap! How did I forget to put a dragon on my list?!?!

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