I’m having so much fun writing about my SDCC adventures. It’s actually nice doing these a week later because I get to relive all of the fun and memories! Day 2 was definitely our “let’s relax” day. We didn’t do any panels and ran around the exhibit floor all day.

IMG_6478Me and Gwen started off the day super early because we were scheduled to do the Cartoon Network press room and by some unknown force, it didn’t go like expected. I won’t go into detail on here, but we ended up skipping it. BUT to make up for that, we went and did all sorts of fun things and definitely had a “treat yo self” moment. We walked the floor for a greater part of the day, buying all kinds of fun things! (I actually did a haul video showcasing all of the fun things I bought. You can watch it here!) We went and looked at quite a bit of stuff, but most importantly, THE BOOK STUFF! We tore down those book aisles and came out with quite a bit of stuff. We’ll hopefully be reviewing all the books and stuff in future wrap ups, so keep an eye out for that.



IMG_6493We both looked around for a bit, then hit the Geek Fashion panel which was a load of fun! I learned quite a bit and the inside workings of Her Universe still amaze me to this day.

Me and Gwen were both worried about press room stuff thanks to that morning, so we headed towards the Archer press room. Luckily it all went GREAT for Gwen and while I didn’t participate in it, I did wait in the lobby and saw the cast of Teen Wolf. Live. In the flesh. It was a great afternoon, okay? After catching my breath, we then took a pedicab to the Grand Manchester where we hung out at the Xbox Lounge with Nina, Liz, and Mia. It was actually pretty cool!

IMG_6523After looking at all the video games we didn’t understand/know about, we met up with our fellow geek agent, Johnny! We all had burritos at Lolita’s and it was glorious. I didn’t think anything could top my love for Chipotle, but damn, Lolita’s did exactly that. We consumed our burritos and then it was time to PARTY! SherlockeDCC is always the best and every year it gets better and better!





IMG_6572Day 2 of SDCC was a huge success! I was very tired, but it was worth it! Stay tuned for day 3 aka press room day!


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6 thoughts on “SDCC 2015: Day 2 Wrap Up

  1. I like the Xbox Lounge! But I missed the Nintendo one completely this year. Makes me sad cause I missed out on all those street passes 😥

    SherlockDCC was so awesome! So much fun running around hiding Gwen’s awesome jewelry!

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