5fandomfridayI got cons. Like a lot. I never intend on attending all of these conventions, but one thing leads to another and I find myself traveling cross country to meet my favorite starts and hangout with the best people. But with attending cons, you always seem to purchase quite a bit of stuff. ALWAYS. So here’s some of my recent con purchases!

rMe and Gwen purchased these and I officially declared them BFF coins. They’re Scott Pilgrim and are beautifully well made! We picked these up from the Oni booth. Best $10 spent!

tgaewgsSpeaking of more things me and Gwen bought, we picked up these AMAZING Clever Girl pins crossing over two of our favorite things: Jurassic Park and Harry Potter! I love this pin so much.

IMG_6759While at SDCC, I did pick up all of these Teen Wolf DVDs! The covers are exclusive to SDCC and I couldn’t just buy one, so I bought them all. No regrets were had and they are my most prized SDCC 2015 exclusives.

IMG_5881I picked up this amazing shirt drawn by the amazing Babs Tarr while at HeroesCon this past June! I love this artwork so much and the shirt fits great!

IMG_4310I love my tattoos. I also get them all during conventions, so they count, right?! I got this Artoo during C2E2 because A.) I’ve always wanted an Artoo tattoo and B.) it was the week after Celebration and I was so tired, so sitting down for a few hours sounded nice. But it was also the most painful thing.

Have you participated in 5 Fandom Friday?! Send me your posts! I love reading them.

If you missed my last 5 Fandom Friday post, you can read it here! It’s all about my love for Xenomorphs. 🙂


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