I am finally back from San Diego Comic Con 2015! I am tired, but I am back. First off, it definitely was the best SDCC I’ve attended, topping 2013, which seemed like an impossible task. I spent it with friends, hanging out, and doing press stuff, which is why all of these posts are a bit late. As in a week late. Starting today, I’ll be covering everyday I attended SDCC, all the way up to Sunday. For example, this time last week was preview night, so I’ll be writing about preview night today, then tomorrow I’ll share my Thursday, then Friday etc, I have lots to write about and to cover and way more posts planned than I’d like too, but SDCC is my home away from home. I love documenting every single bit of it and I can already tell that 2016’s con is going to blow 2015 out of the water.


Preview night is always a blast at SDCC. You get to roam the exhibitor’s floor, buy all the exclusives you want, and just get a feel for how the floor works that year. But with that being said, it is always super packed. And exclusives are just as hard to get as any other day. I first stopped by the Star Wars pavilion so I could go look at all the Her Universe/WeLoveFine item! First stop at WeLoveFine and I found the perfect Stormtrooper sweater which I purchased immediately. Me and my friends looked around the whole floor and went shopping at a few places here and there. I did grab a few things which will be in my upcoming SDCC haul video! (I’ll post the link here once live!)

We did try for a few of the main booths like Hasbro, Mattel, and Funko, but of course, nothing came of that. It was super packed and disorganized as usual. I AM NOT BITTER AT ALL! But to make up for it, I went and hacked somebody up, Scream style! Fun fact: the whole night Gwen and I were complaining about not wanting to get blood on our clothes at the Wrath of Con Bloggers party later that night, but the second I saw the scream booth, I jumped in line and this happened…

Doing what I do best at the MTV Booth. #SDCC

A video posted by Travis (Jake) (@travisthegrimm) on Jul 8, 2015 at 6:30pm PDT

YEAH! I’m crazy, I know. It was actually chocolate and really good. It stuck to my shirt all night and hardened which didn’t make it THAT comfortable, but it was worth it. I mean, look at that video!


After walking around for a little, we finally headed over to the Dragons Den for the Wrath of Con Bloggers party! It was such a fun time! I got to meet some new blogger friends, chat with all my old ones, and just “mingle” and “socialize” if you will. It was such a perfect way to end the night and really wore me down. But I did take a bathroom selfie to prove how awesome the chocolate made my shirt look.




SDCC 2015: Preview Night Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 1 Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 2 Wrap Up

SDCC: 2015: Day 3 Wrap Up

SDCC 2015: Day 4 Wrap Up


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