I’ve written about my HeroesCon 2015 experience right here, but I did leave out the details about Saturday night. Why? Because so much happened that I had to do one whole post dedicated to it. Anyways, Saturday night during HeroesCon was the Brimp Up, a gathering of Sex Criminal fans! (Man, that sounded wrong.) It was held at Buffalo Wild Wings right behind the Charlotte Convention Center. I got there a bit early since I had time to kill, but luckily I did! It was getting super packed really fast, but I was able to grab Barb, Deidre, and I a table near the back, which proved to be the best table because it was right in front of the photo booth. Just imagine watching Matt and Chip pose all night. Yeah, it was pretty amazing.

SWAG. Okay, so the Brimpers who attended the Brimp Up got the most amazing swag. Matt and Chip talked about signing 1,000 issues of Sex Criminals #11 and not being able to sell them due to legal reasons. So what happened to those issues? WE ALL GOT THEM. They said not to put them online due to legal reasons (there is a pic on my Instagram though… *pulls collar*), so just imagine a cup of semen (I’m sorry for that imagery.) and a dirty Batman with Matt going down on him, I assume? Either way, THEY ARE AMAZING! I love them so much and they are probably my most prized possession in my Sex Criminals collection. After that, we all took photos! So. many. photos. It was such a great night! I can’t thank everyone who put it together enough. They’re all such nice and awesome people! Till next year!

And now I leave you with these gifs I’ve created. You’re welcome, Internet.







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