I was asked by Invaluable.com to share my dream movie memorabilia items. (They have a section dedicated to memorabilia items and have even auctioned off Han Solo’s blaster. *cue starry eyes*) At first, I wasn’t too sure as to what that would be, but after thinking about it for a few minutes, it all came to me. I have a few items I would love to own. If they did become available, would they be ridiculously expensive? Yes. But one can dream!

NEKUUSvgDjFgOQ_2_bI would love Mark Hamill’s on screen X-Wing pilot outfit. I figured we’re almost the same size, so it would come in for sure come in handy. I could also join the Rebel Legion!

LukeSkywalkerLightsaber2Mark Hamill’s on screen lightsaber would be a dream item of mine. I would fear to touch it, but it would look great on my bookshelf, that’s for sure.


Daniel Radcliffe’s on screen wand would be another epic addition to my Harry Potter collection. Just imagine.

Youre-Next-MasksThe on screen masks from You’re Next would make my mask collection complete! I have two replica’s, but owning the real deal would be super cool.

Make sure to check out Invaluable.com’s Memorabilia section here to look at (and bid on) some pretty cool stuff.



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