I’m finally getting back into the swing of posting regularly, so I thought I’d jump back on the 5 Fandom Friday bandwagon! I absolutely loved doing these posts. They’re fun and help bring the blogging community together!

Last weeks topic was the 5 Nerdiest Things I’ve Ever Done. Hahahaha, what haven’t I done?! Let’s see if I can narrow this down a bit.

Take a trip to California on a whim!

IMG_3863 (1)All thanks to Star Wars, and Podcast 66 for giving me passes, I took a trip to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California last minute! I mean, it was about 3-4 weeks out, but with my planning at least a year in advance for cons, this was on a whim. It was also the best weekend of my life.

Camp out for Doctor Who at SDCC!

IMG_7969I camped out for the Doctor Who SDCC panel in 2013. This was my first SDCC and because I believe in taking everything head on, I camped out like the insane person I am. I waited about 13 hours and almost froze to death, but it was so worth it!

Traveling to Cleveland Ohio for the “premiere” of The Winter Soldier!


Definitely one of the crazier things I’ve done, seeing as how we knew nothing about the premiere, who would be there, and if we would even get to see the movie. But we took the chance and it turned into one of my all time favorite trips! I mean, look at the above photo. We got our own table! 😉




I’m new to the tattoo scene, with my first being in January. Now I’m up to 3! Yes, I am crazy! Most of my friends and family just say, “Another one?!”. I sometime plan them out, but with Artoo, it was on a whim. (I’m pretty sure my life motto is YOLO even though I’ll disagree any day.) Oh, and they’re all Star Wars related!

Riding Sam Witwer…



No explanation necessary.

What’s the nerdiest thing you ever did?! If you wanna read more of my 5 Fandom Friday posts, click here!


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