2015 has hands down been the biggest Star Wars year ever since the prequels. This is obviously due to the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, and if you know me then I don’t have to give any opinions on that. But with this being the year of Star Wars means new merchandise is here! Whether that be toys, books, clothes, and yes, even shoes, Star Wars is everywhere. We saw Vans team up to release a few lines of amazing Star Wars inspired shoes, but this past partnership was one I never thought I’d see…



I used to love Ugg, but they’ve faded into the background these past few years. So when I heard about this new Star Wars line, I was curious as to what they’d look like. Would it be a pattern? Turns out they’re basically cosplay boots! This first line (out of three, apparently) is inspired by one of the most iconic movie characters, Darth Vader. They’re very simple and minimalistic, but scream Star Wars in every way. I got the “Men’s Classic Mini” cut, which to me are the best out of the lot. I took loads of photos, hoping to persuade you to buy a pair, so make sure to take a look below.

Beautiful box is beautiful.
Behold my favorite boots!
Details pt. 1




Details pt. 2
Pretty stellar sole lining.

I’ve only worn them once to try one, but they are super comfortable and look pretty great. They’re perfect for any Darth Vader fan/cosplayer. Also perfect for any Star Wars fan. They also have a bunch of other cuts as well, so if this isn’t your style, you can find the right one. These do come with a hefty price tag of $225, but I kind of see them as an investment? Uggs are super strong and hold up, just like Vader’s Force chock hold.

Look at them all here!




5 thoughts on “Star Wars x Ugg – the Comfiest Combo

  1. That last line comparing Uggs durability to Vader’s Force choke is PERFECTION! :’D

    I have a pair of the gold sequined Uggs to wear around the house and I call them my C3-P-Uggs! Probably won’t get the actual licensed ones since I just got a pair of regular black Uggs, but I’m kicking myself for not waiting for the Star Wars ones!

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