While being away from blogging for that little time, I’ve been working on loads of projects! Seriously, I’ve been keeping myself busy and I thought I’d share one of these new projects with you. It’s a podcast! More specifically, it’s a Star Wars podcast! I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, mainly a Star Wars podcast, so before Celebration began, I set out to make it happen! It’s titled…


Full on Force was actually going to be the new name of this here site back in 2013. I wanted to make this a Star Wars fan site, but decided to keep TTG. Fast forward to 2015 and now it’s the title of my new podcast! We’ve actually recorded two episodes (one of which was done during SWCA!) which are up online now on Soundcloud and iTunes. It’s bi-weekly, so every other week, me and a guest get together and discuss everything happening in the Star Wars Universe!

FullonForce logo

I’m so happy with it and I hope you all check it out! It’s free on Soundcloud here and iTunes here.


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