So if you missed it, I’ve been covering every single day of my Star Wars Celebration experience! Here’s day one and here’s day two! But I thought for the last two days, I would do one big wrap up that way I can get to a few new posts that I’m so excited to share! Let’s get started!

The third day was Saturday so it was another big one! Mainly because to everyone attending, it was Star Wars Rebels day! The big panel and global screening/red carpet were happening that day, so the excitement level was high. I got into the convention center right when they opened and waited in line for the Star Wars Rebels panel which was one of the most exciting things to happen during Celebration (besides the TFA panel, of course). We got to see the new trailer WHICH FEATURED CAPTAIN REX! I almost cried, but so did everyone else. So then Ashley Eckstein and Dee Bradley Baker came on stage. It was such a glorious moment. And I got a floor seat! rfrfAfter that, I went to photograph some helmets and also meet up with some friends. That’s the great thing about Celebration: ALL THE FRIENDS! Seriously, I never was alone there. It was so nice to see everyone!




rfrfrfDuring the rest of the day, we went shopping, hit up some panels, then *tried* to get in line for the Rebels premiere event. It was sadly capped, but I had a plan B, folks. And not just any plan B, but THE plan B… Mark freaking Hamill. I then ran to get in line for his interview with James Arnold Taylor and was one of the last few to get in! Whaaaa? I lost it when the interview started. Mark was SUCH an awesome guy! He even did The Simpsons bit from Homer the Bodyguard. Suffice to say, my life was made.

4g4tgI then ran late to the Rebels red carpet… Oops! (Shirt by the amazing Savanna!)

frerfAfter that, we went and watched a little Return of the Jedi, then headed back to the hotel to sleep because exhaustion!

The next day started off GREAT! The first thing that morning, I dropped off a toy near the fountain with a business card and a mom and two daughters found it! They emailed me a pic. It was so nice to see it go to a great place. Then I headed for the convention center and went to the Tosche Station podcast because Rogue One??? Ewwwwwwwww. (We all were keeping up with the live Twitter feed. THEY SHOWED FOOTAGE. HOW DARE THEY?!) I even made a Tosche Station shirt! (Photo by Nanci!) I also was given/won a lot of cool stuff like The Crystal Star! (Yeah, things got fun.)

efrfAfter this, it was time to go toy hunting and photographing. I took a million photos of this Sideshow Collectibles Luke Skywalker because I need him. He will be mine.

SAMSUNG CSCWe spent the rest of the day wondering the exhibit hall, preparing for the biggest event of Celebration to happen… my Skywalker Twins photo-op!!!!! I bought this photo-op the second I found out I was going to Celebration and I still can’t believe it happened. Also while in line, I got to say a quick goodbye to Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe, making the moments leading up to Mark and Carrie that much sweeter. It was then time for me to go meet Mark and Carrie… Ahhhh. Usually the photo-ops go super quick, BUT thanks to one Carrie Fisher, me and Mark Hamill got to chat for about 3-4 minutes. For reals. She had to do something, so me and Mark talked about Celebration, school (HE ASKED ME ABOUT SCHOOL!), and The Simpsons! I thanked him personally for doing that Simpsons bit live because it’s only something I’ve dreamed of. Carrie was so lovely as well! They both made you feel as if we all been lifelong friends. After the photo was taken, Mark shook my hand and wished me good luck. I didn’t cry because I was so shocked and in awe. Anyways, here’s photographic proof!


referfAnd then we left because Celebration was officially over. But to cure the post-SWCA sadness, we headed to Downtown Disney… Star Wars celebrating ensued.

erfrI’m SO SO SO happy I got the chance to go to my very first Celebration! It was everything I dreamed of and more. The people, the atmosphere, everything was so magical and so great. I can’t wait to possibly go to Celebration London next year for even more Star Wars adventures. I still miss SWCA and my friends, but they’ll be more fun times in the future for sure! SWW is coming up after all… 😉



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