ICYMI: Here’s day 1 of my Celebration wrap up!

Day 2 at Celebration was so much fun for all kinds of reasons! First off, we started the day with an R2-D2 outside the convention center, near the fountain. Yes, there are loads of Artoo’s available, but not many people were near this little guy (at first), so I went to take it all in.

evebI also had to take in the beautiful sign again because reasons.

bdbI sadly don’t remember each and every panel I did that day, but I do believe the Star Wars journalism panel was that morning! It was a blast. Lots of friends were there and it was very helpful and educational. I definitely learned some stuff that I’m glad to now know. After this, we headed straight to The Force Awakens exhibit and luckily got to meet up with Amy from Geek with Curves in line, so we got to do the exhibit together. It was breathtaking, emotional, beautiful, all the nice things. I actually did a whole post about it here with LOADS of photos!

SAMSUNG CSCAfter this, it was time to the Ahsoka Lives meet up put on my Amy and Johnamarie. It was such a special event. Even Ashley Eckstein and Dave Filoni showed up to celebrate Ahsoka. (I was also like 1inch away from Dave the whole time… it was awesome.)

rgergersgAlso, while waiting outside for everyone to gather near the fountain, some of us spotted this amazing Hera/Zeb cosplay duo. Everyone seriously thought they worked for Disney, but turns out that they’re just amazing.

ergegAfter taking a successful group photo, I went and did the Rancho Obi-Wan Experience. I’ve never visited the real Rancho Obi-Wan, but the nice thing about this small experience is that everything is one of a kind and handmade. Crazy, right?! I really wanted to take these Mickey ears though.

ergfwergegAfter the long day was winding down, we went to *try* to see Revenge of the Sith, but man, was it full. I didn’t mind though because on the way out I ran into an old pal. 😉

egegeThat’s it for day 2! I did so much more, but that’s really all I can remember at the moment. Celebration was madness, what can I say. Be on the lookout for day 3 coming soon!


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