It’s been a while since I last wrote something on here, but hopefully that is a thing of the past. At least until con season picks back up. I planned on writing about my experience at Star Wars Celebration last week, but C2E2 was taking place (Full wrap up on that coming soon!), so my time was spent elsewhere… Like getting another tattoo. I’m crazy, I know. But I’m here and ready to talk about the best 4 days of my life! Day 1 started in a galaxy far, far away…

There I was getting ready for Celebration! I packed Monday/Tuesday night and left Wednesday evening. (Red eyes are so much more enjoyable than early flights, I don’t care what you say.) We arrived at LAX Wednesday night and drove down to Anaheim for to begin Celebration! We arrived at the hotel around 1am and I immediately ran down to the convention center to go look at the huge banner featuring Luke, Han, and Leia!


After this, I went back to the hotel and *tried* to sleep for an hour or so because I decided I wanted to camp out for the JJ/KK panel. I really wanted to in the first place, but those damn tweeters who kept saying the line was capped off really discouraged me, but I at least needed to get into one of the simulcast rooms! I HAD TOO! So at about 5am, we headed out to wait for JJ/KK/what would be the best moment of my life. *cue tears* Upon arriving, I got to meet so many friends in line! It was crazy!! I also met a fellow fangirl who I had only seen on Her Universe’ Instagram, which is just funny to me. Here comes the part where I almost broke down and cried in line…

IMG_3742I GOT THE COVETED ORANGE WRISTBAND WHICH MEANT WE’D SEE THE PANEL LIVE! I lost it. I couldn’t believe it. My dad was in line with me and couldn’t stop laughing because I was everywhere. That panel meant so much to me and knowing I would get to witness it meant the world! Suffice to say, those next few hours moved sooooooo slllloooowwwwwwww. But when we finally got to go inside and sit… it was magic.

wfewfqSeeing the panel live and in person was an experience like no there I actually wrote about all of it here and here if you want to read about my experiences! After that, it was time to gather my feelings together (which I failed at) and roam the exhibit hall. One word: WOW! The exhibit hall was huge and amazing and ahhhh. So many great booths! I did have to hurry over to the Rebels Report podcast (FYI: It’s the new site I write for! Update post coming soon!), so I only had time to stop by the Her Universe booth where I spent ALL THE MONIES! After that, it time for the Rebels Report live podcast where we gave away all kinds of awesome prizes and had the best time. I got to meet everyone while I was there too which was too amazing. Writing it one thing, but meeting everyone IRL is even cooler.

IMG_3834After that, I headed to do an interview with Ashley Eckstein! She’s always the best and made my first in-person interview (I’m a phoner type of a guy) way better than I could’ve expected. I then ran on over to my… tattoo appointment!! Yep. The second I found out I was going to Celebration, I made my appointment for next Star Wars tattoo. I got an X-Wing right below my Rebel Alliance symbol. It was done by the amazing Mike Bianco and is actually fully licensed by Lucasfilm. Take a look!!

IMG_3829My good friend Amy Ratcliffe featured it on the Nerdist as well. Suffice to say, my X-Wing is feeling the love. After this, I went and met up with my now SUPER AWESOME WAY COOL friend, Catherine! She made me this custom Spider-Gwen Munny because she’s amazing like that. I died. We also flailed about baby Luke fan fiction which was the best thing ever.

Then I went and watched parts of The Phantom Menace, THEN I went back to the hotel and rested (and tried my best to write) before collapsing due to exhaustion. Day 1 of Celebration was everything I could’ve hoped for and more!! This was originally going to be one big wrap up, but so many amazing things happened, I decided that I’ll be covering each day separately, so be on the lookout for day 2 coming soon!


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