Yesterday morning, we decided to get in line for the JJ/KK panel happening here at Star Wars Celebration. We got in line at 5am, with the hopes of getting into the Digital Stage. People had been waiting since 8am the day before, so we knew there was no way we would get in. I mean, people had been camping out for so long that Kathleen Kennedy bought everyone pizza. (Cause she’s awesome like that!) After getting in line, we soon discovered that we were wrong! WE GOT ORANGE WRISTBANDS! All of us were going to go see the panel live! I almost broke out into tears as the lady handed me my wristband.

I expected to see JJ/KK and a new trailer. That was it. So when that panel started, I had no clue what was ahead for us all. Sooooooooooooo much happened! I was freaking out during JJ/KK’s part due to all the pictures in the background of them in the Millenium Falcon, J.J. with Chewie, and on set! It was amazing! We learned more about the original teaser, like the planet shown is called Jakku (which I believe is the proper spelling), how BB-8 works (HE CAME ON STAGE!), the new Stromtroopers and what’s changed, and lots more!

IMG_3780After talking for a while, they then decided to bring out Daisy, Oscar, and John aka Rey, Poe, and Finn! I lost it big time. They all three walked on stage to a standing ovation as we all clapped and welcomed them into the Star Wars family with open arms. During their chat, they all three gave tiny bits of info as to what their characters purpose is in TFA. Rey is a scavenger who’s all alone and comes across the path of Finn, while Poe is an X-Wing pilot who stumbles across Finn, who changed his course for good. Vague? Yes! Exciting? YESSSSSS! I’m still processing that info.

IMG_3796Then came this next bit which had me holding back tears for a while: Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, and Mark Hamill all came on stage. I had a hard time functioning at that point, so throw them all on stage and I was at a loss for words. It was such a sweet moment as the three new leads stood on the side, as the original crew came along. It was like an initiation for the new three leads. They were welcome with open arms into this crazy new world. They’ll be a part of history and a part of children’s childhoods. Mark said we’re all family, while Carrie thanked everyone for “playing with her”. (Action figure, people.) It was so amazing and I couldn’t believe I was able to witness that live.

Then came…

I started bawling my eyes out! I’ve never felt this strongly about a trailer, but it got to me on an emotional level. The buildup beforehand was insane, so just image this. Tears were everywhere. The new teaser was perfect in every way and I definitely have more than a few words to say about it, so maybe I’ll write up my reaction at some other point. And to top it off, they played it again… and I cried again.

I love Star Wars so much, but more importantly, I love this community!

Me after the panel… happiness in its purest form.



10 thoughts on “The Force Awakens Panel AKA The Time I Bawled My Eyes Out

  1. I wish I could have been there to witness this greatness! I balled my eyes out, as well. I was sitting in my apartment as I watched the new trailer. As soon as Han said “Chewie, we’re home” I lost it!

  2. OMG!!!!
    OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the best! I feel like a little animated character running around the room…IDK how you’re staying so cool dude! I feel like I’m a 5-year-old, and I’m not there! LOL! So excited for December!

  3. Travis I am so happy you are having such a wonderful time. I have loved seeing all the pictures and updates from you. I cried like a baby when I saw the new trailor. Liam made me stop watching it after the 8-10th time in a row. Hehehe.

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