Yesterday was such a blast. I went shopping, toy hunting, became an X-Wing pilot and destroyed the Death Star. Yep. In actuality, I went to Dave and Busters and tested out their new Star Wars Battle Pod game! I’ve never been to a Dave and Busters before, but when I heard they added this to their collection, I had to go. So fast forward and yesterday I finally made the trek and got to play. It. was. amazing. IMG_3531

The Star Wars Battle Pod is probably the closet thing you’ll get to becoming the pilot of an X-Wing or Snowspeeder, but thats okay. It just means you’ll get to do those things sooner! Upon seeing the Battle Pod set up, it’s exactly what you’d imagine… a pod! You enter through the side door and sit down in what feels like an actual cockpit. You’re then fully immersed even more due to the dome screen which makes you feel as though your there. Battle Pod offers various levels, with the first being Yavin, then Hoth, Endor, Vader’s Revenge, and Death Star II. Each level gets harder as you go up and you can get higher scores per level if you keep playing.

IMG_3535 I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but the fun thing is that it can be easy, but it’s tricky enough to make the experience that more real. You have an accelerator to make you go faster and a joystick to navigate and destroy TIE Fighters with. I only played the Yavin (twice!) and Hoth levels, but they were so much fun! I’d recommend playing Yavin first to get the hang of it, then continue on from there.

Star Wars Battle Pod definitely lived up to the hype and I wished I could’ve played even more, but my spent all my credits on it (also, on an Alien game that was A+!)… worth it. I saw lots of kids looking at the set up and taking pictures of it. I too was one of them. Good thing I was representing both the light side and the dark side.



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