Phew! It’s been a few days, hasn’t it? I posted my big anniversary/giveaway post, then basically spent all week writing for some other sites! So first off, I’d like to link you all to some exciting stuff! I’m officially a contributor to (It’s been such a blast! Love those guys.) and have reviewed The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Pillars of Eternity. I still can’t believe I’m writing for them. I’m loving every word! Also, I have more exciting news about my writing; I’m writing for Rebels Report now! It’s an all Star Wars Rebels site that is officially recognized by Star Wars themselves. (Find your proof here!) I’ve posted some fan art and have reviewed the Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook. I’m having a blast over there and feel so lucky to be apart of their team!

All of that exciting stuff, and deadlines, have led up to this past weekend of which I was super excited to finally be here. It was the weekend of Mad Monster Party! I’d signed up to be a volunteer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after a weekend full of horror, Adam IMG_3379West, and Burt Ward, I am happy to say that it was the best weekend ever! Let’s start from the beginning.

I was set to volunteer for two days, so I went Saturday and Sunday. I arrived early Saturday morning for what would be a super fun 8-hour shift. We were assigned our tasks and by some weird and odd chance, I was lucky enough to work for Adam West and Burt Ward… all. day. long. I was only hoping for a glance of them two, but I spent the whole day with them. I coordinated their lines which was a bit hard, but I somehow managed to squeeze everyone in a hallway. I also guarded their table when they were gone, so I spent a lot of time distributing information about them to passerby’s. From where I was sat, I got to see loads of guest like Tobin Bell, Danny Trejo, Naomi Grossman, and lots more I’m sure I missed. Adam and Burt are two lovely guys who had a lot of fun with the guests. I will say, I did enjoy the guests a bit more. I talked to so many amazing people. Everyone at Mad Monster Party was so nice and I felt a bit at home. Everyone was into the same stuff I was into. It’s like SDCC, but smaller and has a more family feeling. I met Joe Moe, one of the guys who runs it, and he’s such an awesome guy. Super nice and really made sure we all had an amazing time. But back to the day. After 8 hours with the dynamic duo, I put in my towel and retired to go look around. I even met Naomi Grossman. She was so lovelly and signed my shirt.                                 There were so many vendors who demanded my IMG_3393money, but somehow, I managed to leave with only $25 worth of damage the next day. Shocking, I know.

After spending the day at the con, I immediately went to see It Follows right after. I loved it so much that I was up until 1am finishing my review for Agents of Geek. (Check it out here if you’re into that kind of thing.)

Fast forward to the next day and my assignments were much more laid back. I covered the front door which meant greeting everyone! Including Adam West and Burt Ward, among other guests like John Kassir! I also guarded the entrance to the RIP lounge, and worked as a “bouncer” of sorts of Adam and Burt. I couldn’t get rid of those guys, apparently. I soon took a break and hit the vendors! Finally, I had time to shop! Like I said, I only spent $25, which is a record breaking goal for me. I got some buttons and a shirt I’ve been eyeing forever from London 1888! It’s so amazing and I need one of everything from their shop.


IMG_3429After shopping, I went and visited the Batmobile! I took some selfies and even talked to the guy who owns AND created it! How crazy amazing is that?! He was such a nice dude. Look at it in all its glory!!

IMG_3408After that I walked around for a bit, attended the Naomi Grossman panel, hung out in the lobby, then headed home. I am still super tired and am writing this from bed, but I had such a blast! I didn’t think it’d be this fun, but I made some new friends and discovered even more people who understand my obscure references. I can’t wait for next year! I’ll probably be doing all three days because “FUN!”.








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