Can you believe that three years ago, I posted my first piece here on Travis The Grimm? It was going to be just a place for me to rant, share my loves, etc,,, but it turned into so much more. TTG has definitely shaped my life in a way I never thought it could. And while it’s not “popular” or a “major blog”, it’s big to me. I’ve written over 500 posts for this here site which shows I’m pretty committed to it, I think. First out Travis The Grimm was posting news, primarily Star Wars, and was actually going to be called “Full on Force”. I’ve run many websites in my life so far (many of which will never see the light of day), but something about Travis The Grimm felt special. It felt right. Like I always said, I started it based off this interview Ashley Eckstein did with Amy Ratcliffe. Something about it clicked with me. After posting my first few posts, I knew I loved doing this, so just imagine when I found out people do this for a living. I had found a new career in life, a new path. (And no, I didn’t expect to make TTG a worldwide phenomenon, I just knew I loved writing about my geeky interests.) So flash forward three years later and here I am, in college going for my degree in journalism, writing for HBO’s Watching The Leftovers, Geek Bomb, Agents of Geek, and Rebels Report. And still maintaining Travis The Grimm! How crazy, right?! TTG helped me overcome my horrible case of being an introvert and awfully shy. Still awkward as ever? Hell yes. But I’ve changed for the better because of it. I also, like I say a million times, have made so many friends because of it. I’m still amazed that I know so many amazing, awesome, wonderful, and talented people. Being the introvert at heart I am, meeting new people has always been a struggle, but now I’m an open book waiting for Sleigh Bells to come on in public so I can dance in front of everyone.

So what was I trying to say? Oh, yeah. Thank you! Thank you all for writing, reading, leaving comments, sharing, all of the above! You’ve all made my life better because of it. I can’t wait to continue writing on this site for as long as I possibly can. Yes, life will change and continuously go on, but TTG feels like it’ll always be here waiting. And as sentimental as I like to get, I DO LIKE GIVING AWAY THINGS! I never did my annual SDCC giveaway last year, primarily because I didn’t get enough free swag/exclusives to give out. So I decided I’d giveaway two big things, one being way more awesome than the other, to one of you lucky readers!!

So everyone knows I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, so yes, last year I did go the infamous Hall H panel. I was technically waiting to see Daniel Radcliffe, but nonetheless, still there for GoT as well. Luckily, I was there with a friend and grabbed two tickets to pick up some swag! I kept one bag for myself, but have been saving the other bag for you guys! Check out what you can win!

A Game of Thrones cinch backpack!

IMG_3317A Feast for Crows!

IMG_3319Some random inserts!

IMG_3320This little thing that sticks to the back of your phone and holds money and credit cards. (???)

IMG_3321A Game of Thrones journal and pen/stylus!

IMG_3322And my favorite piece of swag, a valar morghulis shirt! (Size: Large)

IMG_3323To top it off, everything will also go in this SDCC 2014 exclusive The Following bag!



To enter, just fill out the Rafflecopter below! *US ONLY! (Sorry guys! Shipping is very expensive.)

ENTER HERE! (WordPress won’t let me embed. Again, sorry guys!)


8 thoughts on “TTG’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration and Giveaway!

  1. Happy, Happy, HAPPY Anniversary Travis!
    Yay you got to go to Hally H! I’m excited to meet you in person this year! HeeHee!

    And my favorite Star Wars Characters are R2-D2, Yoda, Lando, and Obi-Wan! I’m sorry, I couldn’t pick just one…I really really can’t!

  2. Happy Anniversary and thanks so much for the chance!!! As for my favorite Star Wars character, that would have to be Darth Nihilus!

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