I’ve officially wrapped up my first con of the year! I attended Wizard World Raleigh this past Sunday, for one day only, yes, and I had the best time! I originally wasn’t going to attend this year, but David Tennant announced he’d be attending, so I lucked out with a press badge and photo-op ticket.

IMG_3214I went with my best friend, Toni, and had the best time! We started off the day by waiting in line for David Tennant. We were so excited the whole time and got so nervous as our time came up, it wasn’t even funny.


IMG_3230After my experience at Wizard World Philly last year, I expected us to be in line for about 5 hours. Tops. So my expectations were surpassed when we got in and out within an hour and a half and received our photos right after. I was so shocked and happy! Probably because David was the SWEETEST! He was really kind, super nice, and all around a pretty great guy. Anyways, here’s our photo!

IMG_3235I actually had time to kill due to how fast it went. Whaaaa? I then headed to the market and picked up some goodies before heading to the James Marsters panel which was quite amazing, by the way. I’ve been wanting to see James in person since 2010 when I first discovered Dragon*Con, so my Buffy heart was happy!

IMG_3238Right after that, I headed back to the vendors room to shop and take cosplay pics for Agents of Geek which you can view here! I picked up some amazing things, which I’ll save for a future haul post or video, then as I was heading past some of the tables where the celebs sign things, James Marsters had selfies for $20. I couldn’t believe it, so I got in line automatically amongst the other Buffy fans. It was finally my turn and I couldn’t say enough great things about him. He’s so nice and truly cares for his fans. Here’s our selfie. Yep!

IMG_3252I really loved Wizard World Raleigh and I’m so glad David could attend! I’m even more glad my friend Toni could go meet him. (He’s her Doctor!) It was such an amazing event and I can’t wait for my next one!


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