So incase you don’t follow me on any social media, I received probably the best news ever since knowing I was attending SDCC for the first time. This news made me cry, jump with joy, and dance around. Also, start a list of things to do/get done beforehand.



Yessir! I’ll be attending Celebration 7 (I’ll call it what it should be called!) next month in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center! This was just a pipe dream this year, but I won badges from Podcast 66!!! Here’s where I get all emotional. So Podcast 66 was giving away two 4-day adult badges. I entered their contest and found out last Friday that I had a 1 in 14 chance of winning and that the drawing would take place on Monday. I anxiously waited all weekend. I knew If I won badges, I’d trek it out to California to attend this. I mean, it is the year of The Force Awakens! So Monday the drawing took place on the podcast. I was so nervous all day and work wasn’t let me fully listen to it. I finally got a chance to listen when they announced the first winner. I listened as fast as I could and immediately was disappointed. I paused it then went back to work. I didn’t win, but that was fine! I’m sure the other guy was meant to have it, right? So when I finally got home and settled,  I received a DM to go to the 7:09 mark. So I did. Turns out a friend of the shows couldn’t go and was giving away his badges. They did their drawing and then… they called… out my name. I screamed so loud, it wasn’t funny. I immediately started telling and texting everyone within distance about this. After flailing for about 10 minutes, I sat down, looked at my computer, and basically flat out cried.

Listen to it here! Fast forward to the 7:09 mark, then keep listening because THE CLONE WARS.

Too dramatic? Maybe. But going to Celebration means so much to me! To be able to attend this year was one of my goals and it’s actually happening! I’m already planning my next (3?) Star Wars tattoos to get done during the convention and if all goes well, you’ll see a post talking all about them. Podcast 66, THANK YOU! This means so much, you have no idea. Abraham, THANK YOU for giving this guy a chance!

Anyways, that is that. I’ll be heading out to California next month with my R2-D2 suitcase. I hope to see some of you guys there! If you’re attending, let me know in the comments!


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