This weeks 5 Fandom Friday topic is fictional BFFs! I have many of these, I must say. Actually, too many. I think all the below people and I would get along super well and we’d eat donuts, go on space adventures, and look at blood splatter!

1. Hera and Sabine REB_IA_5680Yes, of course Hera and Sabine are on this list. Who wouldn’t want to be their best friend? Imagine kicking butt along side them and all the space adventures. *heart eyes emoji*

2. Homer Simpson

homer-excitedNo explanation. He’s basically my spirit animal.

3. Dexter

Dexter-HD-Wallpapers10It doesn’t matter what he’s done (okay, yeah, it does.), Dexter was always such a nice guy! Plus he had the coolest job! And he lives in Florida! What else do you need in a friend?!

3. Charlie

largeI feel like me and Charlie are kindred spirits. She’s my favorite character on Supernatural and I’ve seen “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” episode too many times to count.

5. Luke

LukeskywalkerI think we’d bond over the fact that he’s an X-Wing pilot and I’m a future X-Wing pilot, you know?

Did you like this weeks 5 Fandom Friday? Do your own? Leave me a comment, so we can talk all things fictional!


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