I was at Party City the other day when I came across certain party supplies that made my heart skip a beat: Star Wars Rebels! After freaking out for .01 seconds, I then came down from that high because I knew none of the items would include Hera. Sabine, maybe. Hera? No. This is due to the fact that many Star Wars Rebels items have a lack of the two female leads. There’s some Sabine merch out there, but Hera? Almost non-existent. Amy Ratcliffe did a great piece on the subject for CBR which you can read here. Also, Tosche-Station.net did a pretty great piece breaking down certain items which can also be read here. This isn’t the first time the female’s have been under presented. We’ve been through this battle with Gamora, we’ve been long at this battle with Lego, but still, you’d think after so long, and so many complaints, something would change. But nope. In other great news, it turns out I was right and wrong.

IMG_3133So lets start off with this plastic cup. We have Ezra, Kenan, Zeb, the Inquisitor, and some Stormtroopers. But no Sabine and Hera. You know, the main characters. I think we could have just given the girls their own side and left the Inquisitor and Stormtroopers out. Because we all know where the Inquisitor is now. (or do we?! That’s for another discussion.)

IMG_3134Now onto these way awesome paper cups! Look, they feature the entire cast! And that includes Hera and Sabine! I wish to only drink from these for the rest of my life, please.

IMG_2994While these plates do feature Sabine, Hera is nowhere to be found. *cue sighs for eternity*

IMG_2998These invitations are pretty cool and feature everyone but Chopper. I guess there wasn’t enough room for him, but hey, Hera and Sabine are included, so I can’t complain.

IMG_2999Swirl decorations! These look pretty great, probably the TIE Fighter, AND they feature the whole cast (except Chopper). Now that I’m writing this, I’m noticing the lack of Chopper.

IMG_3001Balloons are probably one of the must have decorations for any birthday party, so the lack of Hera on these is disheartening. Where’s my pilot at?!

IMG_3002This random bag of Rebels goodies gets two thumbs up for me! Hera’s left off of the tiny spinner, but is included on the bubbles (?) bottle. Yay!

IMG_3003These blowouts (that’s what you call them?) decided Hera shouldn’t be included and that makes me sad. But at least Sabine is featured front and center!

IMG_3007These temporary tattoos win all the cool points! Featuring one for ever Rebel, I want to wear these nonstop during Star Wars Weekends!

IMG_3010This Happy Birthday banner features everyone and now I want it to save for my birthday. I need to face it, I’ll be having a Star Wars Rebels themed party this year.

That’s my tiny little wrap up on all the Star Wars Rebels party supplies and also my little contribution to why #WheresHera needs to be spread more. Yes, these are just party supplies, but the lack of Hera (and Sabine) is very apparent in a lot of the Rebels merchandise. Why shouldn’t she be featured? She’s the pilot! Without her, the Rebels would be nowhere!

Make sure to leave your thoughts on the subject in the comments below, so we can chat about it. Also, have you noticed anything different? TTG has gone through a transformation! I’ve been meaning to update this site for the past year, and I finally did! It wasn’t planned this time, more of a beautiful accident, but I hope you all like it. It’s a bit more open and less constrained, so hopefully my posts will show bigger and better.



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