Remember when me, Usagi, Joie, and Gwen started doing a weekly Google Hangout where we talked all things Agent Carter? Time flies by way too fast and on March 2nd we wrapped up our last one! (That is until they announce season 2!) It’s been so much fun getting together every week, talking Agent Carter and all things nerd. I thought I’d do a big recap, or playlist, of all the episodes, so you can watch them at your leisure or just fast forward to your favorite parts. We’re all SO happy that people actually watched and we had such a blast doing it, that we’ll be back! Yessir, #PeggysPeeps will be bringing back the hangouts starts next month! What will we be watching this time? DAREDEVIL! We’ll be recapping the Netflix series week by week going over what we loved and what we hated. I can’t wait to get those started. I’ll be sure to make a whole post about it as the time gets closer.

Anyways, below is all the episodes! I hope you enjoy and let us know your favorite Agent Carter scenes!

Are you excited for the Netflix only Daredevil series?!


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