Yay! It’s a new month, so it’s time for a new delivery of nerdy goodness aka Geek Fuel! I’ve been receiving Geek Fuel boxes ever since their launch date. I reviewed their first box right away and have been lucky enough to keep getting them in the mail! This months box was another winner! I am so happy with these boxes, you have no idea! They contain so much stuff! Anyways, here’s a breakdown of what was included! Squee!

Retro Videogame Magazine?! Yes please.. Also, look at those illustrations. Glorious!
Space Invaders soap! Ahhhhhhhhh!
I do love retro stuff. Also, the magazine.



A Wonder Woman glass! Snazzy!
An amazing Pac-Man/1960’s Batman shirt?! Heck yes!!
An I love retro pin! I love me some badges!

Do any of you subscribe to Geek Fuel?! If so, what’s been your favorite box? If not, what are you waiting for! You can subscribe via their website for only $13.90 +shipping!









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