At least this post isn’t as late as January’s unboxing!

Last months Loot Crate has finally arrived (last week), so I figured I’d do another unboxing for you all! I’ve been LOVING Loot Crate ever since I subscribed! Each box seems to get better and I haven’t been disappointed yet. This months definitely takes the cake, so let’s break every thing down.

A Mini Munny that you can design yourself. I’m secretly saving it to create a Spider-Gwen. Oh yeah.

Ready Player One?! Oh yeah. (And perfect for the Nerdist Book Club!)
Dice! (It goes with the box’s built-in board game.)
A Hexbug of my own!
Cards! They seem fun.
The pin of the month! So pretty.
The Loot Crate magazine, game instructions, and Firefly Online code.

February’s Loot Crate was definitely my favorite one! I think the book did it for me. I can’t wait for this month’s box because it’ll feature an exclusive Agents of Shield item. Yay!

Are any of you subscribed to Loot Crate?







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