I’m finally fully rested after a long day at the comic book shop yesterday. My local shop, Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find, threw the biggest Spider-Gwen release party! I’ve known about the event for a little while now and have been counting down the days! I absolutely LOVE Spider-Gwen. My obsession sky rocketed after Edge of the Spiderverse #2, so when Spider-Gwen the on-going series was announced, I LOST IT! So when Heroes announced the signing, I immediately put in that day so I wouldn’t have to work and planned! As they announced more and more, I kept getting more and more excited. So yesterday it finally happened and it was the greatest thing ever! This wasn’t just another release party, they had exclusives!!!! They had The Mary Janes shirt, the (Married with Sea Monsters) Face It, Tiger vinyl, variants, and stickers! Also, Spider-Gwen cake.

IMG_2952We got in line around 11:30am and finally got our wristbands! After waiting for a while outside, we finally were able to get in and grab our exclusives. Luckily, Heroes came prepared and had a tremendous stock of everything! I’m so glad too! I was worried they’d sell out of it all. So while waiting in line to buy my stuff, Married with Sea Monsters sang Face It, Tiger! It was the BEST. THING. EVER. I loved that song the second I heard it, so to see it live was amazing! Finally, after purchasing everything, we grabbed some cake and waited outside till about 3:30 to get in line for the signing. As we soon got up, I was getting nervous. Rico, Robbi, and Jason are some of my favorite people in the comic book industry, so to get to meet them was Ahhhhhh! I finally got up there! Everyone was so nice and Rico remembered me from the Squirrel Girl signing! Like, actually knew my name and all. That was the best!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 2.30.30 PMFinally, I went to meet Married with Sea Monsters! They were all so nice! I bought their other vinyl too!

IMG_2964The Spider-Gwen signing was everything I could’ve asked for and more! I still can’t believe Heroes pulled that off. It was an event like no other. I didn’t get to go to the Snug Harbor for the concert, but I heard that was a BLAST as well! So for the final picture, here’s my Spider-Gwen haul! Yes, I went a little crazy.

IMG_2971We’re you able to go?! Let me know if you did and what you thought about it all!


7 thoughts on “Spider-Gwen Signing @ Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find

  1. I can not believe how many signings you have near you. You are so lucky. This looks like such a crazy fun event. Such a huge SpiderGwen fan. 🙂

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