This weeks 5 Fandom Friday’s topic was characters we’d name our kids after. While kids are no where in my near future, I thought I’d switch it up! After seeing Usagi and Barb, I thought I’d do mine about naming my (future) pets. I’m always saving up different names for all my future pets, so here they are!

1. Bucky!


This name being on this list shocks NO ONE.

2. Stiles!


I love the character, plus it’s a great name!

3. Mulder and Scully!


Well… duh.

4. Luke!


I’d like my cat to be a rebel pilot, so…

5. LSP!


Oh my glob! I’d love to have my own little LSP running around.

Who’d you pick for YOUR 5 Fandom Friday! Leave me a comment!


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