This post is a tad late, but last month I got my very first Loot Crate! I was super excited because I’ve always wanted to join Loot Crate, but never decided to take the jump. Luckily, for Christmas, I got a Loot Crate subscription and to my surprise, January’s theme was “Rewind”! They even released this super amazing trailer to go along with the theme:   

Once I saw that trailer, I knew I had joined at the perfect time! Anyways, here’s what was inside last months box!


It included an awesome Space Invaders tie. I don’t usually wear ties, but I do have a Taco button up shirt that would accompany this nicely.


Also included were these little NES cartridges featuring different fandoms. I got Doctor Who!


But out of everything, the coolest thing was probably the Star Wars #1 variant! I was so excited to get my hands on it. So pretty! Also included was a comic book notebook and a Voltron shirt (not pictured because I wear it quite a bit).


And last but not least….8-bit glasses!


All in all, I was really happy with my first ever Loot Crate! I even kept my subscription! I’ll be unboxing February’s box once it arrives (which should be soon!). Woo!

Are any of you subscribed to Loot Crate? What’s the best box so far in your opinion?


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