Hello, everybody! Long time, no talk! While writing everyday seems far off into the future, I thought I’d at least set aside some time and write about my current obsession: Agent Carter! I’ve been recapping it for Agents of Geek and have fallen in love ever since its pilot. Since it’s premiere some pretty awesome things have happened! I’ll explain after this next bit. So for today’s post, I thought I’d do an everyday cosplay inspired by Peggy herself. This one is for the guys and gals who enjoy being comfy and Agent Carter. Simple as that. Take a look.


Agent Carter - Everyday Cosplay



First off, since Agent Carter, me, Joie, Gwen, and Usagi, have been getting together every Saturday (soon to be Fridays!) to talk about Agent Carter!! This all transpired from a tweet I sent out. I needed to get my Agent Carter feelings out and they came to the rescue, haha! I never expected anything to come of it, but it has and it’s been the best. We’ve, so far, have done two Google Hangouts! The first one is about 3 hours because we had so much to talk about and geek out about! (#GeekOutTogether!) The second is under an hour and a half, so please feel free to check them out. Joie is our Agent Carter master guide. She not only has the best notes, but actually researches the historical accuracy of the show.

This has been such a fun experience! A lot has come out of it. During our first example, we started talking about how no Peggy Carter merch exists. Like nada. There is one figure. That’s it. This soon let to the discussion of why we need to #MakeAgentCarter! We need more Agent Carter merch! It’s a simple fact. Thankfully, Joie created a master post of what we need to tweet and who we should tweet it too! It’s very helpful and if enough of us speak up, something will happen! Usagi also made a post talking about our Agent Carter Google Hangouts as well as her thoughts on #MakeAgentCarter! And Gwen even did a twist on her Toy Tuesday post all about the subject matter! How amazing is that?! People rallying for something they believe in. I’m happy to call them my friends. If we don’t speak up, who will? So I urge you all to tweet your favorite toy companies with the hashtag, “#MakeAgentCarter”. Please be nice though. We won’t change to happen, but we don’t want to be rude along the way. 

While that may seem like the cherry on the cake, Gwen went ahead and did something even better… SHE CREATED SHIRTS. What?! I’m still on a Peggy high.


 How awesome is this?! Yes, people! #PeggysPeeps has it’s own shirt! I still can’t believe it. Gwen has a goal of 50, but once we hit 10, then they’ll be printed! They’re only $15 + $5 shipping! But that’s not the best part. All the proceeds go to the Wounder Warriors charityThat’s so amazing! I’ll be purchasing one and I hope you guys will too! Help support an amazing charity while letting your fellow friends/colleague’s know that, “Hey! I LOVE AGENT CARTER AND I WANT MORE MERCH!”. Okay, maybe not that loud, but people will sure get your point. I’m still in awe about this! Thank you Gwen, for making an amazing shirt design!

I hope you join us this Friday as we go live at 6:30PST/9:30EST and talk about episode 4 of Agent Carter! (Link to come!)


5 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay – Agent Carter (And Why We Need To #MakeAgentCarter)

  1. Love the Agent Carter Cosplay! I do male characters for girls a lot it’s so cool to see a guy doing it too! I’m in the UK and sadly we haven’t had any Agenter Carter yet!! I’m hopeful we will soon since it’s gone down so well in the states!!

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