This weeks topic for 5 Fandom Friday is one of my most favorite things to talk about: Conventions! We’re supposed to share either the conventions we’ve been to wish to attend. As seeing how long my “Conventions I’ve Been To” list would be, I thought I’d share some conventions I wish to attend and some of my favorite I’ve ever attended! Check them out below!

Conventions I wish to attend: 

1. C2E2


This con has ALWAYS been on my list and it looks like I’ll finally be attending this year. (Press pass approved! Woo!) I hear it’s like a tinier NYCC which makes me very happy!

2. New York Comic Con


Just imagine SDCC, but in NYC. I love California, but I also really love New York. I imagine having a convention right there would be a lot of fun! Busy? Yes. Lots of NYC/con fun? Double yes!

3. Emerald City Comicon


I’ve only heard a few things about this con, but it seems like a lot of fun!

Conventions I’ve attended:



Of course SDCC is on my list! I love SDCC so very much and I honestly don’t know when I’ll stop attending. I say every year will be my last, but I always end up having too much fun. It really is the con where anything can happen. So much fun! Plus all my friends attend and reunions!

5. HeroesCon


HeroesCon is such a magical place! I love it so much. It’s run by my local comic book shop called, Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find. Everyone there is so rad and they put on an even radder event!

Honorable mentions: Dragon*Con and LeakyCon!

If you missed last weeks 5 Fandom Friday, I shared my favorite things about Winter! What’s your favorite convention and which one would you give anything to attend?


12 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Conventions I’ve Been To Or Wish To Attend

  1. C2E2 is so much fun! I go every year since I’m so close! I’m already planning on going this year! Hope to see you there! There is also an awesome coffee shop that you need to check out when you come to Chicago.

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