It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday and I’m super excited about this weeks subject, “My Favorite Things About Winter”! I love winter! Like a lot. I can never get used to summer heat. It’s hot and brutal here on the East Coast. Usually California is my escape from this stupidly hot East Coast summer heat, but even in San Diego it’s getting hotter… which is why I cherish my Winter moments!

hoodie collage1. Hoodies!!!! I basically live for hoodies. I have a million of them and I can’t wait till Winter comes so I can wear them all! The three above are recent editions to my collection and I love them so much. L to R: TaunTaun hoodie from WeLoveFine, WS hoodie from ThinkGeek, Doctor Doom hoodie from!

3gr53g532. Onesies!! I also have an extensive onesie collection. I’m actually writing this in my new Catbug Kigurumi from WeLoveFine! I have loads of others: Star Wars, Adventure Time, and more!

g3rg3r3. I love me a good scarf! I usually don’t wear them, but this year I was introduced to Yummy You by my friend Cazz and I HAD to get this Pizza Scarf! I feel like half ninja turtle, half Teen Dog! It’s such a magical scarf and it always makes me feel super rad!

IMG_09884. Season drinks are also on my list of Winter favorites! I love me a good soy gingerbread latte from Starbucks!

5. And my last Winter favorite is reading! I LOVE reading, but for some reason, it’s that much more special during the Winter! Nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee and reading your latest book or comic!

I hope you enjoyed this installment in the 5 Fandom Friday series! Make sure to read my post for last week’s topic where I shared my blogging new years resolutions!

What’s your favorite Winter favorite?


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