Hi, all! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas full of presents, food, comics, and toys! I had an amazing Christmas (best one to date!). It was packed full of family, friends, and present unwrapping. I ate WAY too much food and had the best day ever. I decided to record a slice of Christmas joy! I filmed a Christmas haul of all the amazing gifts my friends and family gave me. I think it’s really fun to document these things, so I hope you enjoy it!


I filmed that video right after opening presents/before heading out for the day, so I accumulated even more goodies, so I thought I’d share because what’s more fun that photographing toys?!



My grandparents found me this Bart Simpson from the ’90s still in box. Whaaatt?! I have the same toy, but out of box, so this was super special to me!



I also received this adorable Baymax! He’s pretty big and I love him to death.



Rocket!!!!!!! I finally got the Titan Series Rocket Raccoon. He’s amazing and will go great near my Funko Pops!



This may seem like a plain, boring bag, but I plan on decking it out with patches and pins. It has loads of pockets and is a shorter backpack compared to my others. Yay!



A portable charger! I actually have one, but when traveling, you can never have enough. Right now, my chargers will charger my phone up to 8 times. Woo!

What did YOU get for Christmas? I wanna know! Leave me a comment with your favorite gifts! Thanks for reading!


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