I went thrifting a few weeks back when I finally had a Sunday to myself. I went to a local market and scoured all morning in the freezing cold, red bull in hand, and found the following items!



Yay for Batman Beyond! I haven’t seen every episode, but I really love this show! Its a lot of fun. I was so happy to find him. The guy even said he had an even bigger version at his how. Amazing.


SAMSUNG CSCI found these two little cars at the same table. One’s a Catwoman car from 1991 and the other is a Joker car from 2011. Both from McDonalds! I was super happy to find these two. I’ve slowly started collecting more Catwoman and Joker merch this year. As well as Harley Quinn!

SAMSUNG CSCI then found Psycho! He’s from the short lived cartoon series, Toxic Crusaders, based off of the movie, The Toxic Avengers. How they made a kids show from that movie is beyond me, but I love it nonetheless! Finding a figure from it was so exciting. It’s missing pieces, but I can’t help love him.

SAMSUNG CSCAt the same booth, I also found Mulder and Scully! I freaked! They’re a bit damaged, but I try to get my hands on any and all X-Files merch I can. I love that show so much.

SAMSUNG CSCI then found Hagrid! He was at an older man’s booth with some old Harry Potter cassette tapes. The man could tell how excited I was! I’ve slowly started collecting older HP merch and this Hagrid was perfect!

SAMSUNG CSCAfter all that fun, I then hit my little slice of heaven. I’ve never seen this guys little “store” before, but it was packed full of all sorts of old toys and most of them were still in original package. *drool* I wish I would’ve taken pics, but it was the jackpot for me. The guy working there knew what he had so the prices were fair. He did have a little display shelf full of Ren and Stimpy candy dispensers from 91, so I picked these guys up! I then found the holy grail…

SAMSUNG CSCHe had a bunch of toys from the Aliens cartoon series! Whaaaat?! I only had enough for one, but I think I picked the right one. It’s a Xenomorph that wraps around its victims. So charming.

That’s what I picked up from the markets! It was such a fun day and I seriously can’t believe all the goodies I scored! What’s your favorite thing you’ve scored at a market?



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