Welcome to the first ever RAD! Store of the week post! I’ve been buying a lot lately through Etsy and Store Envy shops, so I thought I’d showcase some wickedly rad ones I’ve come across. My first post has to be dedicated to the geeky wonderfulness that is Nerd Burger Jewellery! Yes people, Nerd Burger Jewellery sounds as amazing as it is. It’s actually owned/run by/handmade by my good friend, Cazz aka Nerdburger! She’s been making jewelry for so long and her products really show! She’s sent me a few pieces of her collection throughout this year and I’ve bought some items too because AWESOME!

The first piece I ever received was this super awesome Cap brooch. Cazz knows how much Cap means to me, so this hand painted brooch was super special!



The second piece I got was this super rad Koopa Troopa necklace! I am obsessed with Super Mario Bros. I almost always wear this necklace. It’s super amazing, plus I get loads of compliments!



My latest purchases have been two rings! I got the Tina ring and Enid ring because they are two of my favorite characters of all time. Bobs Burgers and Ghost World. What more do you need in life? The two rings fit perfectly and are adjustable, like all her rings! Each item is of amazing quality and I love them to death.




I love my Nerdburger Jewllery and I hope you do too! Make sure to head on over to Nerdburger Jewllery on Etsy to score your own!


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