Christmas is right around the corner (Time goes by so fast!), so I thought I’d start working on some Christmas guides for you all! My first one, of course, would have to go to Bee and Puppycat! I love this show so much. The merchandise for this show is also amazing! Below are some of my favorite pics for guys and gals! Out of them all, my favorite has to be that Squishable! I’ve been eyeing it for some time, so it might finally be time to pick it up. Below are all the links and such to buy them, so I hope this makes your Christmas shopping a bit more easier!

 Bee and Puppycat Christmas Guide


White legging

Bee & Puppycat Rain

Kawaii 4 Life

PuppyCat Talking Plush

Bee Profile

What’s your favorite merch from Bee and Puppycat?!



4 thoughts on “Bee and Puppycat – A Christmas Guide

  1. That Kawaii For Life shirt is awesome! I like the Puppycat Wallet, and, the Bee shirt that looks like one of Sailor Moon’s opening images (where she’s running in normal clothes on one side, and in the armor on the other)!

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