Hi, all! Today’s post is a pretty special one. I’ve always tried my best to get my family/friends into blogging. I know they don’t all want to go the geeky route, but to me, blogging in general is such a fun, brilliant thing. No matter what you’re into, there’s someone out there who is into just as much as you are. It’s a special thing. This post isn’t necessarily geeky or nerdy, but a bit different than anything I would normally do. This post/giveaway is more aimed towards moms or people who know kids and want to gift them cool looking shoes. (?) So without further or do, I present a special guest post… by my mom. Enjoy, friends!!


Hi, I’m Roxanna and I’m super excited for this review for Freshly Picked. Following this review will be an opportunity to win your very own. Thank you Freshly Picked for hosting a giveaway. I am also super excited to also be working with Travis the Grimm. He’s an amazing blogger and I thought his blog might be a nice arena to introduce Freshly Picked.

Freshly Picked has been making moccasins since 2009. Sadly, I have only known their existence for the past year. I have two children under the age of 4 and would have loved to add moccasins to their wardrobe, so now I’ll just have to make up for the lost time.

What attracted me to them was all the assorted colors. Any color you could think of – they offer. Lots are limited so you’ll only see some colors for short periods of time. But don’t be sad – when a beautiful color disappears there’s another beautiful color to take its place. There’s leathers and suedes. I have tried both. I really like the feel of the suede and the cleanup of the leather. Of course, wearing shoes they get dirty. Well, cleaning the leather is a basic wipe-down while suede may need a little scrub to it. Either way – they will get dirty. At first I was terrified for my boys to wear them out, especially on concrete. I soon got over it.

As for pricing on these – they are $60. You can order these directly thru Freshly Picked or you can order them thru Nordstrom. Currently Nordstrom has some exclusive colors you can’t find on Freshly Picked’s website. If $60 is too much for you to spend, you can catch sales throughout the year – several sales. It’s exciting to buy during the sales because sometimes this is your last chance to own a certain color and when they’re gone – they’re gone!

One person will win their very own pair of moccasins. You pick the size and color. This is not like other giveaways. You don’t need to follow Travis’ social outlets – you only need to comment on this review, and make sure to follow Freshly Picked on Facebook and Twitter. The winner will be chosen on Christmas.


(Due to WordPress, I can’t display the widget, so click through the link to enter!)

ENTER HERE FOLKS! -> * a Rafflecopter giveaway (Open till Dec. 25th.)

*US Only, Cannot have won a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins in the past 60 days.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. As I said, it’s very different than my usual stuff, but I feel like me being a geeky-esque blogger shouldn’t get in the way of introducing blogging as a whole to someone else. Blogging is for everyone and while I am most comfortable sticking to my nerd culture, I sure do love my mom a bit more.

Thanks for reading! xx


33 thoughts on “Freshly Picked Moccasins Review (& Giveaway!) – Guest Post by Roxanna

  1. I just adore these baby shoes. My child grows out of them quickly so free pairs are always helpful. Let’s get Audrey a pair of fives in raspberry!

  2. I would love to win this prize and I would probably choose the Spark colored moccs for my little guy. Thank you for hosting!

  3. I’m crazy about these moccs lately! I’d love a pair of platinum or rosegold for my baby girl. Thanks for the opportunity!

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