fandom.5.fridayYay! It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday and I must say, this weeks topic is probably my most favorite! Halloween? Movies? I got you covered!



The Strangers is one of my all time favorites! Everything about this film was done so well and I love it to pieces. I’ve been following this film since it was first announced and I’m still waiting for my sequel. I’m waiting, Bryan Bertino. I’m so desperate that’d I’d read a first rough draft of the script. I need to know what/is going to happen!



You’re Next is one of the best horror films I’ve seen in my opinion! I loved how they took the idea of a home invasion horror flick and turned it around. I’m still obsessed with this film and I hope a sequel never sees the light of day. It’s great just by itself.



Evil Dead (reboot!) is soooooo much fun! Yes, it’s not as campy as the first one, but it feels like it’s own thing. It’s such a gory film and I followed this movie for quite some time too. I even read the script when it leaked a couple weeks before it’s release. I still watch this film from time to time because it’s, like I said, so much fun! It’s the perfect movie and I’m glad we finally got a gory non-CGI film in theaters.



Friday The 13th is a classic! Just watch it and imagine seeing it for the time back in the ’80s. It’s absolutely terrifying and the score is so good! Every knows Jason Vorhees, but does everyone know how it all started? It also has Kevin Bacon which is hilarious!


Can’t get enough of that wonderful Stuff! The Stuff is such a great movie. I just watched it for the first time this month and my mind was blown by how funny/great it was. “The Stuff” is actually a really scary thing and it’s pretty gross. I love it so much.

Make sure to check out Megan’s post and Kristin’s post to see their top Halloween picks! Also, here’s my post for last weeks 5 Fandom Friday and click here if you want more info on how to join in on the fun!


9 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: My Must See List Of Halloween Movies

  1. The remake of Evil Dead was so rad. I also liked You’re next which apparently I have already watched and didn’t know. Very creepy and violent.

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