Yep. I have decided to review Surge for today’s Halloween Month post! I love Surge so much and I couldn’t believe it was making a comeback. I was the second group of people to order, as I missed the first batch and I’m currently on my second pack and need to order more!! I wish all the drinks/candy from the 90s would make a comeback. I really do. I hope you enjoy!


Have you ever had Surge? Also, if you want your own Surge, keep an eye out on this page for when it comes back in stock. It’ll be priced for $12 when stock arrives!


2 thoughts on “SURGE – Review

  1. You wanna know which drink I want to come back? Crystal Pepsi. I hate Pepsi with a passion but I LOVE Crystal Pepsi.

    Also, I need to pick up some Surge too!

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