It’s time for another 5 Fandom Friday! This weeks topic is “Characters I’d Love To Dress Up As For Halloween”. That seems to be the most perfect topic for me! Now, whenever I dress up for Halloween, I don’t just dress up as one character… I dress up as many. So instead of this list being characters I’d love to dress up as, It’s going to be my list of characters I AM going to dress up as. Did that make sense? I sure hope so. Let’s get started!


1. Charlie Kelly – Charlie Kelly (and Day!) is my favorite! I’m obsessed with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, so I got this cosplay ready for when I visited Philadelphia back in June and I only got the chance to wear it once. I’m super excited to break it out again for Halloween!


2. The Winter Soldier – This isn’t much of a surprise to anyone, is it? I got this costume the second it went on sale! I can’t wait to walk around acting like The Winter Soldier!


3. The Wolf from You’re Next –  I dressed up as The Lamb last year, so this year I will be The Wolf! I even got to do a really fun photo shoot in my costume. The pictures looks amazing and I can’t wait to share them with you all! Be on the lookout soon for the whole set of photos.


4. Jason Vorhees – Now my take on Jason will be a bit tamer. I’m wearing my hockey mask, hockey jersey, and carrying a machete. Not the Jason pictured above, but a fun Jason nonetheless!


5. Misfits – I’m going to attempt to do some skull makeup like the Misfits logo! I’m super excited. If all goes well, I’ll be singing Fiend Club and pointing at everyone going, “Not you!”.

And that’s it for this 5 Fandom Friday! Make sure to check out Megan’s post, Kristin’s post, and my post from last weeks 5 Fandom Friday. Also, if you want to join in on the geeky fun, click here for more info!


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