Creepshow, oh how I love thee.


Incase you didn’t know, Creepshow is a movie inspired by a comic book! Whaaa? Yep. Creepshow was inspired by the E.C. comics of the ‘50s and with the help of George A. Romero and Stephen King, the movie was brought to life. Telling 5 distinct and very different tales of terror, Creepshow is one-of-a-kind. Creepshow debuted in 1982 and has been a cult classic ever since! The tales are, “Father’s Day”, “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill”, “Something to Tide You Over”, The Crate”, and “They’re Creeping Up on You!”. With all 5 tales, there is also a sixth tale that counts as the prologue and epilogue. It’s just as frightening (in a more tame way) and should definitely be counted. There’s currently 3 Creepshow films (the first being the fan favorite) and a 4th one (which is technically a reboot of the series. *shivers*).


When I first watched Creepshow, I wasn’t sure what to expect. For some reason whenever I heard the Creepshow, my mind backtracked to Tales From the Crypt instinctively. Turns out that wasn’t the case. Creepshow is it’s own monster and it completely blew my expectations away. Each tale seems to get darker and scarier while staying on different levels. The one tale that had me cringing the most was “Something to Tide You Over”. Simply because it had to do with being burying yourself alive, being enclosed in sand, unable to move, all while the oceans tide slowly reaches up to your head. TERRIFYING. While I cringed so bad at the beginning of that tale (In a good way. I think.), I did love how it played out. Super creepy and unexpected.


My second favorite had to be “They’re Creeping Up on You!” because talk about getting creeped out big time. The tale is about this mean old man that happens to get struck by karma in the most insane way possible: Cockroaches. Ugh. You just need to watch it to experience that uncomfortableness. I also really loved “The Crate” because it actually had me jumping at some moments. I love that we don’t know what’s in the crate at first, and slowly learn second by second. I certainly didn’t guess it was that “thing”. No spoilers here, folks!

While I loved ALL the tales, those 3 really stuck out for me and were quite scary while being quite fun. Yay for Creepshow!

Have you seen Creepshow? If so, which tale is your absolute favorite? I’d love to hear!


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