It’s time to start rolling the ball that will soon be Halloween! To start off Halloween month, other than my introduction, I thought I’d share my Netflix horror picks with you all. These are in no particular order, but are just some of my favorites.



You’re Next was one of my favorite movies of 2013 and has remained one of my all time favorite horror movies. It takes the home invasion horror genre and spins it around. It’s quite brilliant and the score for the film is one of the best. I wrote a review of it last year also and I still watch it every now and then.



While Netflix only offers the original trilogy, that’s all you need to enjoy the amazingness that is the Scream Franchise! People can say all they want about the franchise, but I really enjoy them. I think it’s between the creepiness that is Ghost Face and the nostalgia of seeing them when they were released many years back. Also, they can be quite scary. I still have nightmares of Ghost Face.



First off, this movie messed me up. I had heard of V/H/S, but had never watched it and when comparing the trailers, V/H/S/2 drew me in more. I am not one to cringe at horror movies or to be grossed out or disgusted, but man, V/H/S/2 actually had me turning my head. Distinctly at the short about the compound. It’s messed up and creepy and definitely worth a watch on a dark stormy night.


The Cabin In The Woods

The Cabin In The Woods it still, to this date, one of the most original films I’ve seen… all while being way cliché. The Cabin In The Woods took every horror film aspect that we’ve come to know and accept and used it to their advantage. Trust me, after watching the film, you’ll understand what people are talking about. It somehow mixes humor and horror without turning it into some kind of parody and I really admire the writers for that.


The Blair Witch Project

I watched this a few years after it released and it was probably one of the scariest things I’d seen. While it doesn’t freak me out THAT much nowadays, it still scares me. The interesting thing about The Blair Witch Project is not entirely the film, but the advertising campaign that came out of the film. Trust me, it’s worth a google. The Blair Witch Project was also one of the first “found footage” horror films all while reenergizing the genre. It struck a new fear in movie goers and still does to this day.


The Bay

The Bay has to be one of the most  underrated horror films of all time. To me at least. The Bay is not about some paranormal entity or home invasion killer or aliens or vampires, it’s about a parasite. The movie is a found footage film, but uses the cameras in everyday objects to tell the story. We see part of it through someones camera, an iPhone, surveillance cameras, and other things too. It’s all so eerily real looking that it makes the story seem like some kind of Discovery Channel documentary more than a piece of fiction.

What are your Netflix horror picks? Leave them in the comments below so we can all share in the creepiness of horror movies! 


6 thoughts on “Netflix Horror Picks!

  1. aahh.. I’m such a wimp when it comes to gory/horror flicks. I just can’t. But I do remember watching Blair Witch Project (and the sequel!) as a kid. Actually, I was kind of bummed when I found out the story was all made up, haha.

  2. I too am a horror wimp! But Netflix needs to get Trick ‘r Treat back on there! I have been wanting to see it forever! I haven’t seen it on there in a while though…is it streaming somewhere else?

    1. Ah, man! (I just updated this blog post now.) I seriously I thought it was still on there. Ughhhh, Netflix always gets rid of some of the good stuff, don’t they?

      I’m not sure if it’s anywhere else online. (?) I think I should just buy it on DVD finally. It’s about time, haha!

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