Last week I was lucky enough to finally see one of my favorite singers, Lorde! I’ve been waiting forever to see her live! I’ve been a fan for so long. I remember hearing about The Love Club EP and downloading it a few days after. It’s so good and one of the best EP’s I’ve ever heard. Then came Pure Heroine which was crazy good. My favorite song has to be Bravado. Even thought Tennis Court and Team will always be special to me. But I’ve recently started listening to 400 Lux a lot. Such a great song.

I got tickets to Lorde‘s tour the second they went on sale. I was so lucky because I grabbed 2 of the 500 general admission tickets which meant if we got there early, we could be front row. Turns out we’d be second row!! What?! I am still in shock.


Lorde was AMAZING in person. I absolutely loved her set design. I mean, whether it be her set design, album covers, or lyrics, I really relate to it all on a personal level. Especially that marquee. So good.


Lorde gets into each song an puts on a show worth paying for! I really loved her set list and one of the most fun songs to sing/dance too was definitely Team! That song got the loudest response from the audience. Probably because the song is really a “club” for all of us there. But I really loved when she sang her last song for the night because confetti was EVERYWHERE! It was so magical and special!


Also, Lorde really understands her audience. The opening act called Magical Cloudz were SO GOOD. I was blown away. Usually I like openers, but I never really go farther than that, but with Magical Cloudz, I fell in love with there music! They were the nicest guys on stage and I even got to the meet them afterwards. It’s always nice to discover new music especially when the artists are the nicest! You can check out there music on Spotify here!

I still can’t believe I’m blogging about seeing Lorde. I’m so happy I got to see her live and I can’t wait for her to come back again! And now to see Charli XCX tomorrow night! Stay tuned for a future blog post on that concert! It’s gonna be a blast.


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